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  1. Hello OCR community, Jovette here, I would like to thank DJP and the other project directors for their kind words and for posting this mix. OCRemix is still the unrivaled king of video game remixes!! Haha, I'll take that as a compliment since Pellek is such a great singer. But no, I'm singing this song as I do with all my remixes and arrangements.
  2. UPDATE The soundtrack for the album has been turned into a video at http://www.nicozon.net/watch/sm23917781 Just push the play button on the embedded video and another small window will open. Push that play button and the songs will play back to back. BLACK BLOOD DESTINY is track #2 starting at 02:04. It's almost the full song, it's only missing the 2nd verse and 2nd B melody (maybe a full release in the future??) Thanks for listening!
  3. YogX, As a professional songwriter and composer, I can tell you there will be many times when you write a song for a specific reason (ie: artist, movie, game) and it winds up not getting used. This happens ALL THE TIME. Basically, I do NOT post any of my songs I plan on selling anywhere online or public. However I am more of a songwriter for recording artists, so I'm having to follow a very strict code of secrecy with all my written material before a "record label" finally picks it up and publishes it themselves. Many companies want the publishing for songs within their own company, and if there's any leakage or problems due to pre-release songs getting our, it'll fall on you if you're the one who posted it somewhere negligently. That being said, if you're just kinda doing this amateurish and don't think you'll have to worry about future companies getting upset over leaks, then go ahead your songs wherever. It's really tricky. Some companies might not care at all, but at least here in Japan it's a HUGE no no. I'd probably lose all respect from the labels I work with if I released songs on SoundCloud or youtube that I was trying to sell to them at the same time. Especially if they found out after the fact. That's my two cents. Keep asking around and good luck.
  4. Thank Dave. Yeah it's absolutely EVERYWHERE here. The best part was spending the time with the Namco Bandai staff at there building, that was interesting.
  5. Salluz, thanks man! I remember you from back in the day. Good to see you're still here too.
  6. Brandon, I've actually never collab'd with another OCRemixer. I guess it would depend on the song and if I really liked the mix I was presented with. I'm not closed to the idea though. Chernabogue, Phonetic Hero Thanks guys. Once the official version gets released, I'll try to add a link to a video or soundcloud etc.
  7. Hi everyone, Since it's game related, I thought I'd post here about the new Tekken 3rd Pachinko Slot game that's debuting July 6th 2014. I'm performing Jin Kazama's theme song. The song name is Black Blood Destiny. You can hear it (albeit briefly) here @ 5:05. And the homepage is here: http://www1.yamasa.co.jp/tk3/ Although there's still not much information yet. I recorded the song at the Namco Bandai studio here in Tokyo last year. It was great fun to chat with the songwriters and music directors at Namco. There was a big pre-release launch event yesterday, so I went to that and was able to finally hear the song in-game for the first time. I'm sure there's some Tekken fans here at OCRemix, so there you go. I'm also singing in another famous fighting game series, but there's no official info yet so I can't say anything... Thanks for reading! ------------------------------------ Check out my new musical project SFAIRA! https://www.youtube.com/user/SFAIRAOFFICIAL
  8. Flash Strife, Hahaha, man that is classic. Seems I really did make a name (read: joke) for myself back then. So funny. Still here in Tokyo, so yeah doing well. Thanks!
  9. Hey thanks Admiral! Yeah working hard over here. Also, we've included Spanish, French and Japanese introductions in the YouTube description to help with a more international fanbase.
  10. Hi Derrit, We've only just released our first 3 songs, but we do have an album in the works. We'll always be releasing info and more music so please subscribe if it's something you like And if you know any other people who might like it as well. Thanks for listening!!
  11. Hi everyone, long time since I've posted but I wanted to get the word out about my new musical project. We are SFAIRA. A new musical project based in Tokyo, Japan. Our genre is New Age / Electronic / Cinematic. http://www.royalkingdommusic.com/sfaira/ The team consists of my wife and I. For those who don't know, we are both songwriters here in Japan writing for major artists. Also, my wife is the keyboardist for X JAPAN (legendary Japanese rock band). OCREMIX means a lot to me, so I wanted to post here and spread the love. We have 3 songs up so far with videos. 『Re~Birth』 『Primeval Terra』 『Apocalypsis』 Please feel free to share, re-post, like, tweet and subscribe to our SFAIRA page and videos if you enjoy them. Comments and such also appreciated! Thank you!! ~Jovette Rivera http://ocremix.org/artist/4479/jovette-rivera
  12. Love it. Can we expect 4K? Thanks for reply Andrew! Looking forward to it.
  13. I think this has been covered before but, will disc 5 be included in the physical copies of the album? I don't know the situation behind the scenes, but it would seem with all the money from kickstarter, that it would definitely be possible. Not to mention there's quite a few remixers that are ONLY on Disc 5 (pu_freak, bLind, willrock, archangel, myself etc...)
  14. I find it ironic that I'm known for my vocal remixes, yet in this project which finally has so many vocal remixes in it.......mine has not (unless you count the soldiers grunting and hawing). I seriously had no idea there'd be this many vocal remixes. And everyone's always like, "Jovette, can you make a remix without vocals?" So yeah, I can. And see what happens? They tricked me into a non-vocal mix on a largely vocal mix project...... lol ftw.
  15. Thank you Mirby Wow, I guess I set my bar higher than I realized with The Corssroads ;P Well, seeing as they're 5 years apart, I hope at least I can say I've grown since then and increased my remixing level and skill. It's sure as hell night and day from my first submission here "Eres Des Points".....looking back at that.....damn.....my ears. Anyway, got more remixes coming for the FF9 album and Seiken Densetsu 3 album, so I'm looking forward to those!!
  16. Thanks HitoriJaNai, I appreciate the kind words. I really had to find a way to top FFVII's The Crossroads, and I'm happy with the result. (Without vocals none-the-less!!) I did request a front page release so......yeah David and Andrew are aware, and hopefully that's coming soon <wink wink>
  17. Hi everyone, I just uploaded a new video with a song that I'll be releasing in Japan sometime in the future under my new label. The name of the song is Tada Hitotsu Tsutaetai〜ただ一つ伝えたい It's a sad love song ballad style. A very simple video; I just wanted something to go with the song's mood. Anyways, check it out if you can. Feedback's fine too. Thanks, Jovette Rivera www.JovetteRivera.weebly.com
  18. I always wondered if I would get a Happy Birthday thread here one day..... Nice work indeed Thank you, and Happy B-day to the other 3 as well.
  19. I noticed this similarity when this song first came out, and it seems like no one else has mentioned it so..... Chrono Trigger - Magus' Theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhnBUd6R31k N.E.R.D. - LapDance Start at 3:09 on LapDance, and it's super clear. It's a vibraphone playing the magus theme very clearly in the background.
  20. I just wanted to through this out there. Somehow the full lyrics for The Crossroads was never posted. It always lacked the INTRO lyrics. Well here they are, please update the lyrics page if you'd be so kind. Thank you. THE CROSSROADS INTRO I know your name I've played your game This is how it should be I've seen your face You tried to take my place VERSE 1A I got the beat to lay the funk down, Come on step inside a my town, Hold your breath and don't think There's a new world ready to lay at your feet If I gotta give some point To the new man trying to run on my joint Grab some traction, run and hide Betcha catch you now Gonna meet you on the dark side VERSE 1B You are the one keeping me From doing what I Do but now I see you too So I'll give it back to you CHORUS You can't believe everything you hear And you cannot see everything that's near But if I believe you're gone Then you'll disappear Still you reappear Endlessly VERSE 2A I'm at the point of no break Gimme a dime and I'll make A million shine but it's gonna take time There ain't no time to be fake Gimme an inch and I'll take A mile long high better reach up to the sky VERSE 2B Things steadily heavily Being pushed on top of me Readily constantly So close that I can hear you breathe BRIDGE Each and every day's the same Life has left you nothing new Turn around and you Will see what has become of you. Your visions of Immortality or love Left you at the crossroads of What to choose LT: Fixed.
  21. Wow, where has this guy been hiding? Seriously. He needs an award for his Chrono Trigger Epoch/Silbird Remix ^^^You have to check this one out if you haven't seen it yet^^^ This is really right up my alley musical-wise. Funny too that Tensei-san would mention The Crossroads
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