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FMDrive. Worth it?

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Hi guys.

So, as you may know, there's the FMDrive, a VSTi that emulates the YM2612 from the Genesis. It costs 10 euros.


I ask this because there are other YM2612 free emulators like VoPM (http://www.kvraudio.com/product/vopm_by_sam) and this one: http://wonthelp.info/2612/ym2612-vst-release-v-0-9/

So, do you guys think i should get the FM Drive? Is it really worth it?


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i believe it's worth it sound wise, yeah. vopm isn't a 2612 emulator btw...it's 2151. not that it necessarily matters, close enough for most.

one word of caution: i bought it and the interface is unusable on my 1366x res laptop screen. it's too freaking huge. the guy is working on it but it could be a while.

also go here for another option


sounds good too. the irony is that this gui is too fucking small.

oh you posted it sry. well just try doing stuff with that for a start. what you won't get is the sampling capability of the genesis chip.

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Yeah, the interface definitely doesn't work on laptops. Hate it when that isn't taken into consideration. Native Instruments plugins are guilty of this as well.

What makes FMDrive different from the others is that it actually emulates the unique distortions from the actual consoles, instead of having a perfect linear signal. It really makes a difference in the lower frequencies.

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