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PureLand - Secret of Mana, Old Synth Cover

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I made this arrangement when I bought, for my birthday last year, two "old" synth : a Korg Triton R & a Kurzweil K2000 R.

It was the excuse to try the midi sequencing new feature in Ardour3.

So, I score the song and edit it in MuseScore, import the midi files in A3 and play the sequence through the Triton & the K2KR, and track the two synth at the same time. Works very well.

About the arangement :

I try to play with the "frozen in time" feeling that I have when I play the pureland level in SoM. So I use this sort of ClockWork sound to materialize the "time" backgroud that I have in mind, and I associate a crispy EQ + wind sound to create a sort of cold ambiance for the "frozen" idea.

Feedback is welcome (don't be to harsh, this is my first participation to OCR ;) )


(I'm not sure about the prefix "ModReview" is this the OK use for asking feedback ?)

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Hey, welcome to OCR!

Just letting you know, since you're asking - Mod Review is specifically designed to get a moderator of this forum to come in and judge your music as if you wanted to post it on the site (specifically, for when you want to submit it and desire one final critique). It kind of clashes with your desire for people to go easy on you, since the moderators have to critique you as a judge would.

To be fair, this track isn't bad, though I believe the highs are a bit piercing. Lowering the high EQ wouldn't be a bad idea on the track. For the sake of a Mod review I would mention how this song is pretty much a cover of the source, and how it was far too conservative to be accepted on the site, but I think the prefix 'Mod Review' was a bit of a mix up, and I don't want to give you the wrong idea - covers aren't a bad thing, and if this wasn't a Mod review I wouldn't mind that it was a cover at all (and a pretty good one, to boot). The synths are fitting, too, if a touch vanilla.

Read the stickies in the thread and you'll see the proper usage of the prefixes. While a Mod Review will likely get the attention of a moderator, it also will generally bring in the strictest of criticism, by design ;)

Welcome to OCR, by the way - glad to see you coming in here and showing your stuff! :D

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Sorry for my misunterstanding about the prefix, its kind to you to clarify, thanks for edited the prefix.

Indeed, for this track, it was not my intention to submit it for he site, (yes,very close to the original, thats why I use "arrangement" in the title, I will change it for "cover")

I was just looking for feedback, like yours about the EQ.

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Thanks !

With the instruments you've chosen, it feels close in mood to A Wish.

I am ashamed to admit that I have to search which track is "A wish" in the OST ... :oops:

But you're absolutely right, the ambiance is pretty close, maybe because of the smoothed attack pads.

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