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Tips on writing a bass line

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"I'M BACK BABY" in the words of "Daxter". When designing bass sounds on any plugin, i personally recommend GLIDE effect when changing notes. Also distortion is very common nowadays on electronic music if designing with basic sine waves. But you should still do what you want as that defines who YOU are, and not what others do man

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IMO, Moseph's advice is best.

It's just another line in part-writing. Keep movement to the next chord tone as smooth as possible, and maybe you have to do that with some passing tones and such.

But for the bassline specifically, have it play/accent specific beats to create a sense of pulsation. Like, (real simple example) maybe you have the bass play every quarter note. Just make sure every quarter note is a chord tone to the harmony at that moment. If the other voices are resting; have it move, etc.

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