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Tyrian - Gyges, Will You Please Help Me?


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Caution: It's Dubstep. I know people have various views/thoughts on Dubstep, so please if it's not your thing, tell me what you think of the mastering, not so much the composition, thanks! ^_^

This is a ReMix I'm considering re-doing however I wanted to see what the people of OCR thought of it first. I've come for feedback once before and I was not disappointed with the constructive criticism I received.

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I'll check this out soon! :)

I look forward to hearing some of your feedback again!

I've go to check this out, great to see Tyrian to get some love! (PC ReMiiiiiiix!)

I love Tyrian! It was my first video game I played (I think I was 5 or something) but I barely remember it. But I do remember when they re-released it for the gameboy advanced and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it :lol:.

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Okay, so first things first: I'm listening at 85% volume, and that's about where I would consider this particular track at a good volume, so perhaps try lowering the overall volume by 15%?

I found the supersaws fading in to be a little cheesy, and perhaps a little odd, IMO. The dubstep wobbles aren't too resonant here, so that's good. :) The strings though, as before, are a little more mechanical than I'd like, despite this being electronic. Perhaps trying to find a live violin player to collab with might help. Perhaps TeraCMusic? The part with the violin reminds me of

. The piano isn't as exposed so I don't find that a problem.

Btw, FL Slayer is totally in here. :lol: Any chance you could put a more realistic guitar in there? :P

Sounds good overall. ;)

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