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Metroid - Kraid's Resolve


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I'd say this is more pleasant than weird, at least to me. Not a bad rendition, I must say.

My only problem with this track is that big build up you have leading up to the sound bite of the astronaut or whoever. While this sort of minute long emptiness works well to establish what comes afterwards, the fact that the mix is only about 2 minutes long kinda lessens the impact I think it should have. I feel the song ought to be a bit longer and do more stuff, but that's just my complete newb opinion.

Well, those are my thoughts. Leave them or take them with a heavy dose of salt.

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Well, I think you sort of have the idea down on dynamics. You have some great sounds here too. The intro is weird though because it's a somewhat piercing texture until the drone at 0:13 comes in. The weird processed vox at 0:19 is very loud though, and didn't make sense to be there until the riser at 0:24 came in.

Personally I would have skipped over putting in the astronaut sound clip and just went from 1:10 to 1:17, and just extended the dropoff at 1:04 for 6 more seconds so that 1:04 is in the second half. Also, to me the drums at 1:17 don't reflect the feel that is presented by the other instruments. I think it can work as a 6/4 downtempo piece. I don't mind the length as long as the ending is an ending.

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