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Golden Axe - 'Main Theme'


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Sounds good man!

My comments/suggestions:

- You start with an electronic build-up which is good, but should have some phaser effect to make it a bit more interesting imo

- A bigger point is that the percussion is by far not powerful enough. You need orchestral bass drums that create the tension and give depth to the mix. These sound more like thuds than like deep, resonant bass drums. They lack punch

- The transition at 1:04 doesn't work too well imo. A bigger crescendo before will have more effect (and I would add a last beat on the percussion at 1:04)

- The piano misses the high end frequency and should be boosted in volume a bit

- At 1:47 I think your background strings should be boosted in volume a bit to increase the tension of the mix

- The 'melody' strings at 1:59 is a little too late (timing-wise)

- The brass in the section afterwards is is just a tiny bit too late (such as at 2:58 ) (or the percussion is, but they're not in synch).

- I would add another climax at 3:22, otherwise the mix just bleeds out from 2:29

Like always, just my opinion. And like I already said: I like the arrangement!

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