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  1. Hi all, A new take on an old classic - done in the style of modern day film scores, think Zimmer. https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/goldenaxe-wip Enjoy! (I haven't mixed/sorted out levels yet etc, so loudness will be all over the place)
  2. I wasn't expecting much... I was pleasantly surprised. Very nice.
  3. Orchestral rendition of the Everquest theme - still early days, just working things out. I absolutely love this original piece of music, despite being a UO guy Enjoy https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/everquest-theme-wip
  4. Another update - structure is there now. I just need to work on transitions and mastering a tad.
  5. Have gone back to the drawing board - I really hate standard dubstep wubs, so have tried something else. It's really, really early days, but enjoy. Also, the snare leading into the drop needs to be isolated more - I need to cut reverb off the build.
  6. A quick and dirty orchestral remix of the theme for Britain from Ultima Online. Loved this game and everything about it. It's almost a direct cover, with only added instrumentation and a few extra lines - hope you enjoy!
  7. Motherfuckin' Binster! Link's down, but it doesn't matter, your stuff is always rad as hell and the next time I am in Cambridge on work I simply must buy you a pint. *edit* link works - you're mental. Love it.
  8. Hello, Something I've been working on. I had, in fact, finished the whole song - prior to FLstudio eating it of course This is what is left, will finish and tweak. No mastering/minimal mixing so far. Also, it's Icecap. I've never tried this song before - why not. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/ice
  9. A small update - I have started fleshing it out now!
  10. Yeah, it was definitely a placeholder. I'll be honest - I hate trumpets. Here's a slightly updated version. Not too much extra, but getting there. https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/cids-theme-wip-v2
  11. Hi all, First draft (flirtation with?!) Cid's theme from FF7. Orchestral. Levels are off a bit already, but I'll work them out. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/cids-theme-wip-v2
  12. OCR in the UK? Might be a chance I will pop along. If only to chuck shit at Fishy.
  13. Hi all, Just the very bare bones of a mix I am working on. Ignore the pizzi at the end - that's going when I get round to it. This is very very very early. enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/chrono-trigger-the-day-the
  14. Just started playing again. I fucking love Leona. With exhaust she is such a dirty CC monster. Especially in Bronze where you stun someone 3 times, slap an exhaust on them and watch them shit themselves and die.
  15. Larry's opinion is too crushing for our fragile egos.
  16. Jesus, reading this thread made me realise how old we are all getting. Who is this BGC guy anyway?
  17. Cool, much appreciated. Out of the tracks which remain can I take Time Remains?
  18. I'd be interested in this - Got a MIDI/key information (because I'm incredibly lazy)?
  19. If it's not too late I'd be up for having a go at this.
  20. Thanks G-Mixer. Welp, I've updated it - think I'm done now! Hope you enjoy the final version, the link is up in the main post and the song is now available for download if anyone wants it.
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