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Super Smash Bros. N64-Metal Mario Battle

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One of my favorite midbosses from the old Nintendo 64 games. He was just so darn stubborn XD. A lot of people have made a "Brawl" rendition. Imagine if it were remade into a song that plays in elevator or into a dubstep track. Unless of course, this song pops up in Apex 2015.

I'm sorry for dumping so many ideas in the last week, I just have a lot of thoughts and ideas and love to contribute in any way I can ^^;

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I'll consider it. I have to say: it is possible to beat Metal Mario in four seconds without the use of brute strength. Not to brag (it's nothing special), but I've done it multiple times even before seeing others do it, and YouTubers can show you even better than my visual linguistics on a forum.

That's pretty cool to know, and I'm glad you'll at least consider it.

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