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  1. Hiya. 8) Still building PCs for pay? 

  2. Salluz

    RIP Prince

    Chilling on the computer, messaging the Mrs. while she's BSing at her job, and suddenly she tells me, "Prince died". DAFUQ!? A number of articles detail what's known so far: USA Today Bustle Heavy Mirror UK A picture:
  3. Say it with Kanye style.
  4. Two months later reply: yes, the mother of my children is my wife. Naming my son Phoenix had many bases. I could think of them, but it's 5 in the morning and I'm trying to snap out of my tiredness before I start my shift.

  5. Salluz

    Super Mario Maker

    I'll review this Mad style. Okay, that's the hype, so here's the snipe: if they have a 3-D world design mode, now we can see if Super Mario 64 fans create stages as terrible as Nintendo's! I loved that game, but when someone pointed out to me that the level design was WTF, I couldn't deny it. You can't unsee it.
  6. Someone told me that the birth was a hometown record that made it to the news channel, but I couldn't find anything. For sure, the hospital announced that Phoenix is the biggest baby as of yet.
  7. My son: https://fbcdn-photos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xft1/v/t1.0-0/11407210_10152778070182820_1823179706844453827_n.jpg?efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9&oh=06b537a19eb7daf2de832068a5f8211c&oe=56324AAA&__gda__=1445937240_fde28a97dcf99148bda94b662a173df3 My son and I: https://fbcdn-photos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xta1/v/t1.0-0/11406527_10152778045777820_7497192554337792941_n.jpg?efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9&oh=b37b4c8cf92f7d9046c826a471905d1d&oe=56290C6E&__gda__=1441746211_b8fbe66dacc0dc29ea14f98f187d8d83 Three of us. The firstborn was there, but she couldn't sit still for the picture because she was overwhelmed with excitement over her new brother and her granny: https://fbcdn-photos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xta1/v/t1.0-0/11220788_10152778005557820_6464758989978563047_n.jpg?efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9&oh=90bf825a29c118c6a8c6ab129a10c0cc&oe=55EB82DD&__gda__=1446130832_5ecc2136c53f998be3918e114ae111c8
  8. Is this the right place to post this kind of news? I see birthdays here often. On 6/15/15, I had my second child and first son. His name is Phoenix Anthony Rohan Peery. He is 21 inches tall and 11 pounds, 8 ounces (11.5). Back in 2013, I had my first child, a daughter named Midori Lyon Peery. She was 21 inches tall as well, but 9 pounds, 3 ounces in weight.
  9. Oh yes, and one that I can t forget: Secret of the Forest (Guardia Forest, Chrono Trigger).
  10. I am sure that I dreamed of remixes subtly in the back of my mind before I learned of OCRemix, but Malcos' track "Dirty Beta" set it off for me. I didn't care for the techno beginning, but when it reversed and slowed down into a slow hip hop beat, I heard the genius and decided that I wanted to try remixing. Shit, brother Malcos was one of my influences that inspired me to start music period. Certainly not solely, but it was a strong enough push or pull.
  11. Wow, OCRemix has updated by a Hell of a lot! Woo!

  12. I'm hearing what all of you have to say, especially The Coop. It's a great idea that'll warm the hearts of age ranges from my wife (28~) and I (25) to our daughter (1y 7mo). Younger groups will appreciate the childhood glamour of it; again, older folks will be taken back. The basis of the show: musical Muppets with awesome music. Really, the shit was and is still awesome. As long as they stay true to its roots, and I'm talking about the show's true nature, it'll be fine. I mean for real, not just some surreal nostalgia.
    1. Red Shadow

      Red Shadow

      haha i've known that for a long time ;]

      the writing in that article is pretty silly, but at least its in a positive light

    2. Salluz


      Long story short, the war on drugs has created more problems and confusion than it has solution. It had the roots of fear and stupidity. What's scarier and dumber than that?

  13. Let's not forget what Maddox had to say about sexism in video games.
  14. I'll consider it. I have to say: it is possible to beat Metal Mario in four seconds without the use of brute strength. Not to brag (it's nothing special), but I've done it multiple times even before seeing others do it, and YouTubers can show you even better than my visual linguistics on a forum.
  15. 'Scuse my double post, but by the way: I just helped the Rich Gang get more money. Look at all of those views: 64,438,382. Sweet Jesus! We gotta make a way for the OCRemix musicians because they're so talented, passionate, and deserve much as a result.
  16. Note: this isn't another 'I didn't get what I wanted' rant. I can make my own music. The nature is rather a request that roots itself in higher expectations from good musicians. You got it, but to clarify, the real reason for critique is to express faith in your skill. Bringing up the original is comparison, which will get done because that is always what will be done when you make a remix. Always. Honestly, the rapping is mainly what made the original that phenomenal. Can't blame you, but... relax. It can be whatever instrument. It doesn't have to be the original, or even like it. In my opinion, the pizzi was meh. Pay no attention, please. In songs, you have major and minor transitions. The major ones, of course, are obvious changes, and the minor ones are subtle. A good idea would be to have small buildups and falls of percussion in the background when you are getting ready to change. As for the tones, same. To be more specific about the tones, the scheme of dropping some and including new ones is essential; likewise to rhythm, a precursor of a certain theme acts as hint; the following of that tone could be replaced by another instrument, become less constant, or be dropped altogether. Heck, bring more of its constant, and work from there. A lot of the changes in the song were good, like that rolling synth bass at the end of certain musical phrases, but the ringing synth that jumped in at the chorus was like... where did that come from? I liked that little break before the second verse. What was that... a key change, or something? [shrug] it was good. This ain't about who's better than who, but about what Zone Runners can do, and that is a lot. Well, yes, you did a remix, not some cover. I don't hear a lack of effort; there was PLENTY of that! Rather, what's being sought is the skill of expression. When I speak of what Hunnid was doing, I was talking about character. For example: "I'm hearing someone saying "You a chicken, don't be scared!"" The part of when he tells us that he hears someone, he sounds narrative, and then he repeats what he heard. That recall sounded sincere, like we're being told that he was getting mocked and couldn't figure out who. Paranormal? This is a place roaming with spirits. That leads to "had to be the wind cuz nobody wasn't there", confirming in narration that he came across some paranormal shit and said to himself "fuck it" cuz it's a haunted place and he had a mission, despite. Simpler: reciting lyrics versus telling a story with your expression. You're not Hunnid-P, but give us that expression! The Zone Runners are going to do it how the Zone Runners will, but there's no limit. You guys can do anything. Who said that it had to be the same as before (but yet enhanced)? It's a remix! I don't run shit; I was just really disappointed because of something that I perceived to be a distraction to what would otherwise be a great remix. Let me start with the positive: DiGi and you can rap. Secondly, I'm going to ease on down about the 'strength' of the lyrics. They were decent. As for the lyrics: I ain't gonna let it get to me, I'm just gonna hang Down in Pumpkin Hill because I need my next drank I tried a pint of vampire blood and I liked it 'Cuz they said just a drop would make me go Hyper And now I'm walking like Frankenstein Because I need another taste of that fine red wine Lain silver chains and pulled fangs Without pain, drained veins and a staked brain What? Are my raps too violent? Yo, I didn't kill the guy, just keeping him quiet That you can log as a merciful attack The True Death reserved for the guy who calls bars raps (Ding dong) trick or treat, its'a me, halc, yessiree and I'm a doctor this year, So please, why don't ya hand over all the candy And we won't have to show you our graveyard theory The beat abstractions were killer during this verse. The first half was some Halloween poetry with the wine/blood assimilation. Okay, but if the chorus and a reserved verse both from the original serve the purpose of describing the endeavors of the great Knux, then... what's going on? Is Knuckles a hemo-holic vampire now? No, but we get confused because we think that this is about Knuckles, but it's not. That's not my fault if I get lost because I heard a transit from Knux to yourselves in a song that seems to be about Knuckles because of the chorus, mainly, but really, you did something for the fans. I am sure that they are pleased. Second verse: Yo, Dr. halc. Let me clear out some of these corpses, bredda. I ain't gonna let it get to me, I'm just gonna chill Down at Pumpkin Hill, I'm gonna keep it hella real Serving hot soup, force feed beyond your fill when you wanna test me but you lack any skill. Bloodsuckers wanna hunt me in the night, but their fangs only talk, they never really bite. Take a stake or two and drive it through your chest in one strike. Now, what was it about me you didn't really like? Get stalked by the undead so I got 12 gauges aimed at his dumb head. Turn pumpkins from orange to blood red. Grab your jack-o-lanterns, here comes the sunset. (Aaoo-oo-oooo) Howl at the moon. Whispers in the air, I'm coming for you soon. Yeah. I got a graveyard theory that says you'll be buried before you get anywhere near me. The sounds and music that were placed in this part were killer. As for the second half, it's still fitting. In fact, more interesting because it went in harder on the ruthlessness of the rapper as well as Knuckles. At first, I thought that this was still about Knuckles, except more awesome, actually. It's about something else, but it's still awesome. The funky sounds and (auto-tune?) on the singing at the latter/end of the song were funky. Stankin'. True. It sounded good, but still. Ok, now I'm not confused because a mix with lesser quality is the last thing that I would ask for. If I wanted bad hiphop, I would go listen to or someone awful. Just to say, anything good in the song being linked that you hear, I hear, but we can agree that... if that's is what I want to hear, then that's what I'll go for. Am I doing wrong here? You did bring it new life. Thank you. However, am I requesting something similar to the original, or something with heightened skill and expression that comes from you? The best of you, or a fanboy's wet dream? Do note: I'm not being serious in reply to the above. I'm NOT trying to flame here, but I could swear almost that I'm being flamed here. Honest to God, or maybe I need to take a good nap or get some fresh air. Again, my reply won't be serious, but one serious thing that I have to say is that I am starting to question my sanity after reading the previous two quotes (with the line about me throwing pseudo-technical insults at you extracted from it) because I could be pulling a rabbit from a hat, if there is a hat. Two things come to mind, or three. Here's the first: "You had an idea of the song, which really wasn't an idea after all because it would be more like the original cuz you're a fanboy who misses the original, and so it'd be pretty clever for me to say that as a dis to the fact that you liked the original (though I liked it too, or at least enough to remix it), which means (wait, that makes no sense; should I mind too that this guy could find fault with the original? Well, regardless, I'll just use his liking of the original against him (because he picked ours apart). My reply is not only insulting but deliberately flawed, and so it renders my reply offensive, but nevermind) ANYWAY, so yeah, suck Hunnid-P's dick you fanboy! Go take a MIDI and slap some cool instruments on it, then record yourself trying to sound like Hunnid-P! But those comments are just thinly veiled insults really. Second thought: "I don't know what you want, but since you do, why don't you try it your way without saying much about mine? Nothing is wrong with mine". Third: take the straw man first thought of mine and balance it with the clear and sincere message of the second thought. It'll reciprocate and turn into a legitimate point laced with dickish statements. That's what you're doing. Just keep it real, padna. I needed to be clearer: I am aware that you took this song seriously, as of any other that you have done, even with the elements of dark humor. However, what I am speaking on is that I shouldn't be too serious because after all, I'm a random game nerd that you've come across a few times before on a website full of game nerds who appreciate game music. It's wonderful, even ground-breaking but nothing to get too serious about. Like I had mentioned, the original song was a game theme made to accompany the adventures of an anthropomorphic echidna who descended from a long dynasty of guardians, and due to it was destined to protect a green rock that'll keep his home afloat. So, we got one thing straight: I'm not just some butthurt fanboy who couldn't keep a boner. That which you take me for is up to you.
  17. I am going to show this song to Hunnid-P. Once he gets out, he'll hear and appreciate it. Go on ahead and kill me, but: Pros: Halloween. The beat was good. Some surprising instances in the song made it interesting, like some of the fx vocals. 2nd chorus was pretty creative. Cons: Those pizzis were a poor choice for that beginning melody, which was a piano, originally. Song transitions could have been smoother. Hunnid-P had more character. His vocals were more dynamic and passionate. You can hear it even in the rise and fall of his pitch. The rest of the fx vocals seemed unnecessary. Hunnid-P's lyrics were way more into the context of Pumpkin Hill, as if he was pumping out lyrics subconsciously while watching/playing it. Adding verses that weren't there originally would win you some serious bonus points, but honestly... mostly, though not entirely weak and meaningless.+ I know that you guys aren't Sega Studios, but the quality of this one needed to be closer to the original. +There were more things that could have been mentioned about that level, or Knuckles in specific: Shovel Claw upgrade. The G.U.N enemies. The three general areas: Pumpkin Mountain, Church Mountain, and Ghost Train Mountain. The need/use of Knuckles' sunglasses, which help you see the invisible. Useful for Hard Mode (one of the emeralds being above the church, but it can't be accessed unless you wear the sunglasses and see the secret, which sends you into the air toward the emerald once you see it). Big the Cat's random and unwanted appearance, because really, nobody loves Big the Cat. Ring balloons. The scene implies that it's in the same district as Sky Rail, Shadow's stage. It wasn't a serious track (after all, it's a remix of a video game rap song for Knuckles in a Sonic game released during Halloween on Overclocked Remix many years after the original was recorded), but a different execution would have been nice. Yeah, Bronx-Rican was the last SA2 remixer. I tried to do a couple but I wasn't very knowledgeable nor financed enough to pull it off. Let's make a trend.
  18. Thought it'd be interesting.
  19. Everyone seems to think that musical aspect of OCRemix is so awesome. Forums? Facebook is enough, so I won't even bother to ask.
  20. The feeling of depression is immense. I feel for you, Robin Williams.
  21. The Chrono Trigger track is a million times better; it causes eargasms.
  22. What a good album! I'll be sharing this with my friends.
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