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Legend of Zelda_Temples Through Time (Collab?)

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Alright, I am starting a new mix that I would like some thoughts on. I would also like some help in its creation as I have a current grudge against my current software. It is just not as great as I want it to be. As I am looking for a new job, I have time now to work on this.

Here is the concept. The Temple of Time. It is the majestic and sacred center of Hyrule where the Master Sword calls sanctuary. Through the ages, it has always protected its most holy treasures, the sages, the heroes' incarnations and even the royal family. Even in later times, the crumbled walls still emit a a protective aura which can never be vanquished. Inside those downed stone walls lies the Sacred Grove where the forgotten Song of Time falls from the lips of the lost dead sages. They still sing to remind the gods of their promise to the kingdom that they would continue to give hope for the future of Hyrule.

So, this track. If you havent listened to the link, then now is the time. I want a temple choir feel to this track. Now, I would like to add more songs that I feel are connected to the temple such as the Prelude of light, Wind Waker's Earth and Wind sages.

Twilight Princesses' the Sacred Grove and Temple of time.

Skyward Sword's The Ballad of The Goddess, the Sealed Grounds, Sealed Temple, Goddess Sword, Sky Keep.

So, Let me know what we ca do with this. Thats right... WE. You can help! In what direction should this mix go? Should I add some songs or drop any? Lend me you insight and message me if you want to collab. I warn you though. I am treating this like a real production. If we don't have the same vision for the project, you won't be on the project. I will be vigillant and kinda hard. you may have to submit examples of your work. Thanks in advance!

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I thought about that too, Thought I am a little worried that I am trying to fit to many periods laid out in the Hyrule Historia. I was thinking of sticking to the adult link timeline but now that a another has brought up the sanctuary theme, I might got into a different direction. I just might do a video sharing my new thoughts with the community.

Everyone please keep sharing you ideas.

@BlackRazgriz Thanks for the input!

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