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  1. You should add Church/ Sanctuary from A Link to the Past. It such a simple piece, but very powerful at the same time.
  2. I was going through my Twitter when I noticed Harmony of Heroes retweeting the Annual Game Music Awards 2014 nomination. My first instinct was to go to OverClocked Remix and see if there was a thread on this topic. Color me surprised when I did not find something of the sort. So here's the link to the nominations http://www.vgmonline.net/awards2014nominations/ What do you guys think of the nominees? I also noticed some prominent OC Remixers on the list too for independent contributions, so I was a little excited about that as well. Help spread the word on this!
  3. Unfortunately, I was, once again, unable to complete the stream (Stood up for 9 hours rather than 16 this time T_T This could be linked to a multitude of factors. 1. Doing a 9 hour Speed Run before a 24 Hour Stream. That was really irresponsible of me, but I earnestly thought I could pull it off. If I did, I would have stood up for about 38 hours, or pulling off a 1 and a half day "Marathon" (since the other did not count). 2. Streaming late at night. Ideally I would want to stream late at night, so that I could go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, but let's face it: How many peo
  4. One Hour Remaining!!! I think I did a good job at the overlay. I am pretty pumped for this
  5. Well guys, tomorrow is the big day. I hope to do OC Remix and its amazing community justice with my marathon. Hopefully, a few more people will know of the fantastic work everyone brings to this website.
  6. Does anybody know where I can get OC Remix Icons and logos to decorate my stream? If I'm gonna be promoting OC Remix in a marathon, I need to bombard my audience with as much OC Remix paraphernalia as humanly possible. By icons and logos I mean like backgroundless pics that I could paste at the corners of my stream, or plaster at a large black area of the screen.
  7. @Arrow If you're coming to me for speed runs of Skyward Sword, I appreciate the views, but highly HIGHLY suggest Tenderhearted. He has the JPN World Record for Skyward Sword at an astonishing 5 hours 26 minutes and 07 seconds. He is actually about 5 minutes ahead of the second best time of 5:31:40 by Tlozsr. I have WR for Normal Mode (if only because I can endure such tediously long speedruns), but my run can easily be demolished. I'm hoping that, with enough practice, I can destroy my time by about 30 minutes. For more information on Zelda speedruns, please visit http://zeldaspeedruns.com/
  8. YOSH! I can proudly announce the games I plan on speed running during the OverClocked Marathon. Tales of Symphonia (NG All Bosses) Time Estimate: 10-12 hours. A relatively new speed running category where the goal is to defeat all the bosses in the game, including optional bosses. Which means certain sidequest will need to be completed, and bosses like Maxwell AND Abyssion will be fought. Get hyped for the Abyssion battle, but remember. It's not gonna be like you expect The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword(Normal Mode Any%) Time Estimate:7-9 hours. I currently hold the world record fo
  9. Thanks DarkeSword I've actually been using OCRemix for a very long time. Just learning this is like taking a Wake-Up Slap from Jigglypuff. I'll go edit the thread later to rectify the error. On another note, I've just recently created an offline picture for my Twitch account to promote the Marathon. It's a generic 720p pic of the OC Remix logo on black background. I downloaded the font and used it to include the day and time of the Marathon, as well as the website hosting it (my channel obviously). I wanted some feedback on the picture. Should I add more info? Less? Make fonts bigger? Small
  10. Hey Guys! Blackrazgriz here. It's been a while since I've made a thread here, but real life has pretty much disrupted my internet activities for quite some time (close to 10 months actually). Anyways, I'm here to talk to you about this stream idea I've had. Well, its not actually an idea, since I've already implemented it in the past before. However, I'd like to make this an annual (or even biannual) event. I call it the OverClocked Marathon. OverClocked Marathon is actually not like traditional stream marathons. It's being planned to take place at October 7, 2013 (on a Monday), since I hav
  11. For the day when TheGuitahHeroe single-handedly releases the entire remixed album for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Mystery Team. Fingers crossed. Very well done. A little short for my tastes, but 'Run Away' is an excellent piece in itself, and this remix does it justice. Speaking of which, is 'Run Away' related to songs like 'Temporal Tower' and 'Primal Dialga Battle'?
  12. Yeah there is a way that music could be this good without money. It's called OCRemix.
  13. This piece resembles the source material too much. It certainly would not get the green light to go and become an OCRemix. You need to put your own twist to it, add your own ideas along with the source music and make it into something truly original and unique. Using different instruments worked fine years ago, but today remixes submitted to OCRemix require it to be unique from the source. So add your own taste to Shadowy Woods man. That being said, the remix was pretty good. I enjoyed listening to it as an avid Tales fan. Orchestration was done well, indeed. But, I am no expert in music. I c
  14. Actually, I could no longer keep it up. After 16 hours, my body started to fail me, I was getting migranes, and standing up depleted me of all my energy. I don't think I'll do another 24 hour cast, but I can definitely do speedruns dedicated to OCRemixes Anyways, thanks for the support guys, especially if you were there.
  15. Just got the World Record for Skyward Sword Normal Mode Any% in this run. 9:37:57, which is highly improvable. Up next is Link's Awakening Practice, followed by SSBB Subspace Emissary Speedruns. Special Thanks to Benjamin Briggs for stopping bye Hope he gets to finish Skyward Sword too Thanks a bunch guys
  16. Hey, come to the stream at July 30 at 12:00am for the 24 hour Cast!!! I will be playing OCRemixes for the entire time. The stream is at twitch.tv/blackrazgriz Hope you enjoy
  17. So something came up in my life (My life typically has a tendency to ruin my runs). I cannot do the run on July 31st because I need to be somewhere on August. So the run is gonna be moved back a day. I'll be doing the 24 hour cast on July 30th.
  18. I just did a Skyward Sword Any% (No save and quit) and I got a record of 8:18:18. EIGHTCEPTION O_o Of course, this is improvable by a ton and sub 8 is possible. But this was like a precursor to the eventual 24 hour cast
  19. I would run Ace Combat V (since there is no record in SDA atm) but I do not have a PS2
  20. Thanks guys!!! and Chthonic, some of your songs will definitely be played. I love "Great Job!" and "Bubble Junkie" so those songs will be played regardless of anything.
  21. Hello guys, I've recently entered the speed-running community. I am actively engaged in speed-running Skyward Sword, and I have a Glitchless Record of 8 hours, 38 minutes. I am currently attempting to get the Single Segment W/O Resets World Record. On my channel twitch.tv/Blackrazgriz I recently gained 100 followers. I usually do something special for a milestone like 50, 100, 500 etc. So for this occasion, I am gonna do a 24 hour cast. I'll be doing Skyward Sword Normal Mode Any%, which has yet to have a record, and other games and categories. But I want this to be special. So for the enti
  22. Hey guys, It's me, The Blackrazgriz. Since this is a community forum, as well as a website for expressing love of Video Games, I thought I might turn to you guys for assistance in my new machinima. Let me explain a little about myself first. I am a newbie machinimator. I only recently received the necessary equipment to properly film a machinima. I have an intense interest and desire to film a SSBB machinima. As such, I need help with choreographing fight scenes and and editing and the likes. If you don't have machinima experience, that's fine, as I watched a lot machinima and seen plenty of
  23. Let's do it to it. Even though I don't have musical talents
  24. Everybody. Chill the fuck out. I got this http://www.facebook.com/pokemonreo Pokemon Reorchestrated has the video on their wall on Facebook. Check out the video, its amazing. In the meanwhile, like them on facebook. They really are working on some pretty impressive projects.
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