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Dancing Flowers

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Don't be discouraged by silence - there are a lot of posts on these boards, and more people come to this specific board to post their own music. They may browse and click on a couple links, but they might not remember to respond even if they do listen to a track. They might even just comment on SoundCloud!

On topic, I liked the piece. It's very relaxing, and reminds me of something I'd hear in a town in some sort of RPG ("Tales Of" series comes to mind). The lower piano part actually sounds a bit like Lake Hylia to me, but as a variation on different chords. Keep it up!

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quite airy, unobtrusive, but sweet. grows on you!

the bass is slightly on the boomy side. the overall subdued and mid-rangy sound is very fitting to the piece, but it results in a bit too much of an overlap with the bass frequencies. slight eq, or just turning the bass down a notch, might work out well. it's nothing big.

oh yeah, the many views are probably bots :)

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