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finished Rayman Origins - Lost Beats remix

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I had this one on my SoundCloud for a while, but I'm finally making it downloadable. This is a mostly groove focused remix, with some sampling of the original music around the middle section. Just really some beats to bounce to.

Remix -

Original -

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There's a lot here to digest, let me give you some times to help out:

0:01 - The intro is fantastic - do not change a thing. The build up and synth work is great.

0:40 - Still sounding pretty good!

1:45 - Things starting to stagnate a bit - you keep it fresh for the most part, but as the song goes on, things start getting a bit old.

2:30 - Awesome. Glad to finally get a break. The blending of synths and texture work in general is a delight to listen to. Some great sounds going on here.

3:25 - The climax was epic! Nice!

3:48 - You have a few off spots chord-wise through here. They stick out big time and clash with the rest of the mix. Other than that, thing sound pretty good!

5:10 - Very cool. Would've liked to see a bit more of an actual ending, the slight fadeout doesn't work too well.

Overall this is pretty good! There are a few issues on chords and some 'off' sounding spots (like 3:48) .. but I like it! Nice work.

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