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I took a cutscene from FFX and re-did all of the sound design


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It would be great to get some feedback, so if you have any thoughts let me know what you think


I should probably share how I went about creating some of the more interesting sounds:

- The monster roars are created initially by dragging a chair across a wooden floor, then processed with distoritions and pitch shifts

- Some of the above water splashes were recorded by layering up sounds of splashing water in a bath tub

- The underwater sounds were recorded by putting a condom on an old microphone and holding it underwater

- The 'energy shield' sounds were all synthesised using subtractive synthesis

- The 'engery blast' sounds were created using gunshot recordings and modifying them with various filters, delays and pitch shifts

- The electricity sounds are a mixture of synthesis and layers of electricity zap sound effects

If you have any questions about how I did other parts, or you want more specific details let me know!

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0:25 - the larger guns could use some low end, maybe add some more mechanical layers as well for the movement of the cannnos. Lowpass a cannon shot and place it a few miliseconds after the initial fire.

0:35 - the mini explosion impacts from the cannons hitting Sin also need something else to them. Sounds too much like a straight pull from a library and doesn't quite fit.

0:43 - add some subtle movement to the swimmers

0:45 - add subtle chocobo sounds

01:24 - the lightning could use some more oomph to it. Maybe just add some low end or something.

1:47 - need more of that explosion

All in all it sounded pretty consistent though, which is good. Good job!

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