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The Final Temple (7/8 orchestra/rock "temple" theme)


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New song I'm working on, tentatively titled "The Final Temple". Looking for any kind of helpful criticism. Thanks in advance for listening!


Made using Superior Drummer 2.0, East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold, East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs Gold, and Shreddage 2, and EZMix 2 for the guitar tone.

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Updated this substantially:


1. Added in some new percussion in the beginning

2. Added glockenspiel in one part

3. Added an additional choir section

4. Updated a lot of the guitar stuff

5. Increased velocity of French horns throughout

6. Deleted the repeat; now only plays once

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I think it sounds a little strange in the sample combination. At 0:14, I was expecting more low end, like from a timpani for example (in EWQL SO Gold). The hand drums sounded odd to me, and there's quite a bit of reverb from something in the left speaker. Also, the guitar at 0:34 sounds oddly narrow; did you just use one instance of Shreddage II? You could probably double track it and hard pan it, except put it at maybe 50% pan or less, just to widen it but not do true double tracking panning.

Otherwise there are some humanization issues in the orchestra, but that's tougher and we can work slowly on that.

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I like the track a lot. 7/8 time sigs are always fun to work with.

I don't have much to add from what timaeus posted, but I will voice a (mild) concern over the use of percussion (woodblock?) at :54. I think it takes a little bit too much attention away from the melodic instruments. Maybe its reverb/volume can be toned down a bit. I am not sure it is adding much being so noticeable.

Though to reiterate, I think this track is really nice!

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