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  1. Hi guys, It's been a couple years since I posted, I think! I've been doing a lot, including a metal project called Galactic Skyfather. This piece I'm posting today is an original orchestral work that started as the first draft of a work-for-hire. I went in a different direction completely for the end product, but I kept this one to develop into a full piece that I'm going to use on a new Galactic Skyfather album. Hope everyone likes it!
  2. Sorry about dropping out. Got busy with work and school, and also my wife had our 4th kid on the 25th. All terrible excuses, right? I'll do my best to have a WIP done by the end of the weekend.
  3. My newest orchestral piece. Composed and sequenced over 5 days. I feel like this is my best work yet, and I really pushed myself to the limits both musically and technically with what I tried to accomplish here. Made in Logic Pro X using East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Choirs, and Storm Drum 3.
  4. The original link on Bandcamp, or the embedded Soundcloud one?
  5. Also, I didn't mean to sound dismissive of your feedback. It is definitely lacking in melody, and that was a comment my wife also gave me, in addition to it being too repetitive. I was reading something interesting yesterday that said modern musicians can create these intricate and really rich soundscapes, but don't focus on the theme enough - and that if you pay attention to great composers, that's what they've mastered. And that's true, and that's what I think you were saying as well. I sometimes tend to get a narrow focus on getting a nice overall sound rather than creating a nice melody.
  6. Thanks for the comment. I agree with all of that, but it's intended to be more in the background than anything. Check out my other post from yesterday, "Going to Market". I suppose in context this repetitive chord progression and no melody makes more sense to me because I've heard the other two versions of the song. In my head this is kind of a reprise of the former versions. Take a listen to this old version with more melody (and less sequencing skills). When I redid it, I made the changes I did because this old version seemed like I was trying too hard to have to a melody. I wanted the new one to be less about being in your face. Thanks again for listening!
  7. Finished a new piece this weekend called The Confrontation. It's actually the third version of a work of mine that's always been called The Confrontation. This one is the best, but I took it in a different direction slightly. Mostly a cinematic string heavy thing this time. Made using EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum and EWQL Symphonic Choirs Gold. https://bradcharlesmusic.bandcamp.com/track/the-confrontation-epic-space
  8. Finished a new piece this weekend called Going to Market, reminiscent of RPG town/market themes. Made using ERA Medieval Legends, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum and EWQL Symphonic Choirs Gold. https://bradcharlesmusic.bandcamp.com/track/going-to-market-medieval-light-mellow
  9. Update 2/5/16: I created a lyric video for this song, check it out here: Greetings everyone, I recorded this last year and released an EP, but it didn't gain much traction. I'm sharing it here because I think it's my favorite song that I've ever written. If you like it, browse through my Bandcamp and check out the other tracks. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks! http://bradcharlesmusic.bandcamp.com/track/the-swine-brigade
  10. (per the guidelines, I'm including this note that I am a "to-be-posted" remixer) Hey everyone - I've been working on a short album and I recently finished it. It's called Chaos Mountain, and you can get it for free from here: https://bradcharlesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/chaos-mountain It's a bit "out there" but I think this is definitely the community to understand "out there". Hope everyone enjoys it and feel free to let me know what you think!
  11. Hey folks, I've been hard at work writing and recording an album, and it's nearing the final stages. I'm trying to build some interest in it beforehand, so I decided to release an instrumental track off of the album. The entire project is a rock/metal thing, drawing minor influence from VG music, but mostly guitar-based. This track is called "Combat Master 3" and the album itself is going to be called Chaos Mountain. You can stream or download it for free. Check it out below! https://bradcharlesmusic.bandcamp.com/track/combat-master-3 - edit: track no longer available. made some changes. could I maybe get a moderator to delete this thread?
  12. Hey everyone. I'm posting a piece I called "The Chase", written for a film scoring class I just finished at Berklee Online. Someone mentioned to me yesterday that calling it "The Chase" makes you expect action-movie style music, so I'll tell you upfront it is not that. It's a bit of a whimsical sounding piece, and the scene that I was scoring was an old man chasing a boy who had taken his hat - a pretty lighthearted bit of action. Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys think. Thanks in advance! https://soundcloud.com/brad-charles/the-chase
  13. Yeah, just don't make eye contact or you'll have to battle. On the bright side, if you win, you can take their wallet.
  14. So this is a long shot, and a weird request I guess, buuuuut... I remember back something like 13-15 years ago (which was when I first discovered OCR) I used to download a lot of MIDIs from a lot of sources. There was a website that I can't find with some MIDIs that were offered for free, and I think they were created for some game. One of the songs from this site was called "Ruins of Accolade" or "Runes of Accolade" or maybe that was the name of the game. At any rate, this tune in my head was like a battle theme, and it's so prominent in my mind, even from that long ago, that I could probably write out a rough version of it now. In fact, I might do that later tonight. But for now - does anyone just so happen to have this or at least remember it? I realize I gave basically no information, but a search for either of those titles yielded zero results. I figured if any community would know about obscure VG style MIDIs from a game that may not actually exist that was on a site that certainly doesn't exist, it would be OCR
  15. How about this one, from NieR? I loved this "world map" theme when I played the game several years back.
  16. Immediate thought: this sounds like a jazz fusion version of Extol.
  17. I would like to be put down for both the Title theme and the Vs. Arachnus.
  18. Here you go: band near my area called Master Sword did a version of Gerudo Valley with vocals.
  19. Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I won't be continuing work on this one. I hadn't learned all of the features of Logic Pro X yet, and I bounced the tracks to audio but apparently can't reverse it from the way I did it, and before I knew that, I saved over my project file. You live, you learn. So this will stay the way it is, and "unsubmittable". Thanks for checking it out!
  20. This is fantastic. Absolutely great. If I was forced to make a complaint, it would be that occasionally the leads sound just a bit buried, and sometimes the drums feel like they stand out too much. Still, this is awesome. I have more words for "really good" if necessary.
  21. Made a few more updates today... 1. I still didn't hear much of an issue myself with the panning, but I adjusted some of the instruments from their default panning positions in the mics to "slightly less panned". 2. Fixed the "Addams Family" bit at the end - now with harpsichord! 3. Adjusted a few drum fills, and some timing of some of the drum hits. 4. Various volume adjustments. 5. Added in a short phrase from the song made with PulseBoy for that sweet Nintendo sound. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep this, I think it stands out. I like it, but I tend to overlook production issues if the musicality is there. That being said, any feedback on the production would be helpful. I've still got a long way to go before I've got my ear trained to for "critical listening" with production. Original post was updated too, but here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zw826kg3o72anvx/Fester%27s%20Quest%20Overworld%20Remix%20updated%2028%20June%2015.mp3?dl=0
  22. Surround was just one of the mic names. I didn't change the default panning. Honestly, I don't actually hear an issue, so it's hard for me to fix it - just taking shots in the dark. I'll try lowering the close mic volumes, those are the ones that are panned by default.
  23. Updated version 27 June 2015 (I also updated the link to this version in the original post): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ea44qyac5jkcqw4/Fester%27s%20Quest%20Overworld%20Remix%20updated%2027%20June%2015.mp3?dl=0 Lots of changes! I got some very good feedback from Liontamer, which I'll include here and then attempt to explain how I addressed each of those things: "Sounds like there's not much high-end clarity in this piece. Also, the way things are balanced, it doesn't sound like there's any lead, right from the start at :03. The strings handling the source melody at :11 are buried in the back. Same for the brass taking over as lead afterward. At :49 for the chorus, again, the lead writing is quieter than the drums AND countermelody. This imbalance ends up being the case throughout the whole track." - I changed the "main melody" to be handled by trumpet pretty much through the entire first phrase, and brought it out more to address those issues. "Also, this track was pretty disorienting on headphones. The panning is too wide, so you have parts that sound almost all on one side or the other, which isn't how you'd hear an orchestral track if you were sitting in the audience." -I addressed this by using all three mic positions in EWQLSO. Previously I was just using the close and stage positions, and for this version I added the surround for most instruments. I'm not sure if this aspect is better or worse, I was just trying something. "Consider a new, altered or more varied drum pattern at 1:09 (or earlier), otherwise it's going on too long and locking the track at the same energy level for quite a while." - I addressed this by taking that drum pattern to a half time feel for the first half of the section and adding in a few simple snare fills/cymbal crashes to break it up a bit. I like how this section turned out, it really has a nice "groove" to it. "Smaller thing, but the piano at 1:49 was pretty mechanical-sounding, and the vox sounded kind of awkward. The snare behind things from 1:49-2:04 was bland and sapped some energy from the finish, IMO, even though the rest of the writing was good. Cool Addams Family theme cameo though." - Oops, as I'm writing this I realized I covered up the "mechanical" piano. I did fix it, but you can barely hear it now. I'll address this in the next version. I actually added a viola to play this part as well, but it's a bit too quiet to hear. "The track ended at 2:12 with things cutting off abruptly before the final note fully went to 0. Watch the small detail like that in your encoding." - Silly mistake to overlook last time, fixed. Any feedback at all is welcome!
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