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Help identifying unknown song...

The Coop

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Yep, I'm making another one of these threads. Annoying to some I'm sure, but damn it, this is bugging me after a week.


I heard a song on the ol' TV, and I could swear I've heard it before somewhere... but I can't think of where. I know my tune uses synths, but the original is basically a rock-like song (from the bit I heard anyway). The main melody is a very buzzy-sounding distorted guitar I believe, with genre fitting drums and bass behind it.

I tried AudioTag with no luck, and Midomi uses a microphone to record you humming it, but I don't have a mic on my monitor. So any help from the good people of OCR would be appreciated :)

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This sounds to me like a quiz show theme song from the late 80s or 90s but i had no luck finding anything. Initially i thought this was a theme for a WWF wrestler from when i was a kid but after listening to a long playlist of wrestler themes i haven't found anything either. Good luck finding it :)

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