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Deciding Between 2 Midi Controllers

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So I figured I'd spend some of my tax returns getting something to help getting into music creation, and I went looking for decent midi controllers for input. The local recycle shop has some used ones for sale, and I figured I'd get your input on them.

They have both a Roland A-800 Pro and an Akai MPK61 avialable for about $250 each. Well there's also a Yamaha CS2X for $200-ish, but that was made in 1999, so no USB.

Any thoughts?

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I've not used either, but from looking over the product pages, the big differences between the two seem to be that the Roland is synth-action and the Akai is semi-weighted, the Roland has a single stick-style mod controller while the Akai has the traditional mod wheel plus pitch bend wheel, the Akai has pressure sensitive drum pads, and the Akai retails for $100 more.

It looks to me like the Akai would be a better deal, although you'd definitely want to test the keys' action at the shop to see which keyboard feels better to you.

The Yamaha is probably only a contender if you want a hardware synth instead of just a controller.

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I would go for the MPK! ..I like both.. but the MPK is the more expensive one (retail price) ..as Moseph said, the better deal.

And it of course depends on how you are going to use it :-P ... Studio controller or live performance... I`m not too fond of the keys on the Akai, so in a live setting I would go for the Roland. ..but I guess your fingers has to choose..

But in studio the Akai is more fun/creative ..(if it plays nice with your DAW) ..bigger pads, knobs and sliders...

As for the CS2x ...cool if you need/want the sounds.

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