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  1. Well dang it, this is exactly what was happening, and I knew it the moment I read it. YoshiBlade, do you have a volume pedal connected to your midi controller or whatever? Or a volume control on a midi controller? Some of them map automatically to CC 11 when used with Cubase, so it's entirely possible you were controlling expression data without knowing it. And yes, most MIDI CC info won't show up in automation lanes because they're specific to a midi clip/region, rather than to the entire track. Edit: One thing I do when I'm working on particularly complex projects that have a ton of MIDI CC info is to just keep certain MIDI CC windows open in the piano roll view at all times. If you go into the bottom section of the Piano Roll (Key Editor) window, you'll usually have Velocity CC messages displayed by default. If you right click on the grey area on the left side, there's an option of Create Controller Lane. I usually have three lanes at all times, one displaying velocity, one displaying Expression, and one with whatever else is useful at that moment, usually Modulation or Pitchbend. This way if you have weird behaviors, you can very quickly rule out velocity or expression as the culprit. Also on the subject of updating, are you saying you're holding off on getting Cubase 8, or that you're avoiding getting any patches whatsoever?
  2. Seconding the MPK, if only because I have a friend who has gone through 3 Roland controllers. The first one he figured was a fluke, as it was an open box, the second and third ones were ones he bought new, then had replaced by Roland. In his word, they were great controllers until they ceased to function entirely.
  3. Yeah, don't trust that any other DAW in the world will work remotely like Reason. The longer you spend with Cubase, the more you will likely appreciate that fact. (I'm totally biased against Reason) As for your volume dropping issue, I've never encountered it, but I'm also on a Windows machine. Is the volume difference instantaneous? Like, hitting play one time it's fine, then the next its really quiet? Or does the volume actually decrease during some playbacks?
  4. Thanks for the info. Yeah, I'd love to get a quote, though honestly I don't know how soon I could pull the trigger on it. Truth be told, I may have the majority of what I'd need to make one, just not in anything smaller than an ATX case, which kind of defeats the purpose of what I was asking.
  5. I'm not a streamer myself, but I wholly support having a one-stop thread for finding them. Thanks Nutritious!
  6. Thanks so much for the huge post, zircon. It's a lot of information I've seen before, but you distilled it and framed it in a way I haven't given any thought to before. I've always focused on gross calorie count, and macronutrient percentage, but with how much I struggle with hunger, the idea of looking at it as a factor of calories per gram is kind of appealing. Also I've never sat down and actually tracked & calculated my own TDEE, so that may be one of the issues I'm having. @RealFolkBlues & zyko: Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm starting to look into other methods of getting my head in the right place to support my weight loss efforts. I've focused so much on the numbers (weight, calories, days, whatever) and I think it's taken a toll on me. I know it's just as much about changing your lifestyle and perspective as it is about weight loss. I'm getting back into meditation, and I think that may be as beneficial or more than focusing on the mathematics of it all. Also I know I need to be reminded every once in a while to not stress and take it slow
  7. Anybody have any good recommendations on a small form factor PC that doesn't break the bank? I want a relatively hassle-free solution for a local multiplayer Steam machine. None of the games I'm thinking of would be that performance-demanding, but that's hard to say for sure.
  8. Wow, how did I not find this when searching? Thanks Neblix! Also, I've very nearly bought that book multiple times. @timaeus, thanks so much for that, I'm looking forward to giving it a spin when I have some time!
  9. Hey Fit Club thread, I'm getting discouraged. I'm trying to lose weight, and I'm terrible at it. I've tried calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, changing my diet (i.e. what foods I eat), changing what time I eat, cutting out caffeine and alcohol, and no matter what I do, I am always, without fail, painfully hungry. I mean this in two ways: I never stop being hungry, no matter what, and I actually have chronic pain that, for whatever reason, is not as bad when I've just eaten. Anybody else experience anything like this? Any advice?
  10. Wow, thank you both for the quick response. And Brandon, for the linked stems, just in case he happens to wander into this thread.
  11. I really like Remixes that are pretty faithful to the original material but add more depth or new instruments in a musically interesting way. So I guess I prefer the original song to be the melodic foundation, but I like it when Remixers expand on the original song in a clever way. I guess I prefer shorter Remixes? I have a short attention span, any song (not just Remixes) longer than 6-7 minutes has to be fantastic to keep my attention.
  12. Hello OCRers, what do you all recommend for getting some practice mixing tracks? I'd really like to get some practice in on just mixing and refining tracks that I otherwise haven't worked on. Is there any resource out there where people post stems or tracks for this purpose?
  13. Hah, no, it'll probably be a MoPho, a Yamaha rompler keyboard, and maybe a couple of control surfaces. And maybe a bass amp.
  14. I'm going to be selling some random gear coming up soon here, I just have get it all sorted and figured out.
  15. I actually don't think I played Majora til they put out the GC version. It's why I got a GameCube in the first place. I wish I hadn't waited so long, but I actually never owned an N64. The first time I played it was after a long play session of Eternal Darkness, so I actually went into the game with kind of a creepy mood already, and I absolutely loved it. It's my second favorite Zelda game to date, and I think it captures a great feeling of adventure that a lot of game companies have kind of lost since then. It wasn't afraid to try something new (and dark) with an established franchise. And who doesn't love collecting masks? And the terrifying mask salesman?
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