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  1. I have the same headache... but my understanding is that it is designed to do what you say.. The note you draw will be the length of the last selected note... I have given up and have my scissors ready on right click... -l
  2. Have you ever been on the https://indabamusic.com site? They have different kinds of contests on there... both mixing, remixing and original compositions. I have only entered a couple of mix contests, but I have mixed a lot of them for practice. btw Neblix .. thanx for the Cambridgesite link!! ... can´t believe I haven`t stumbled upon that one.. -l
  3. I would go for the MPK! ..I like both.. but the MPK is the more expensive one (retail price) ..as Moseph said, the better deal. And it of course depends on how you are going to use it ... Studio controller or live performance... I`m not too fond of the keys on the Akai, so in a live setting I would go for the Roland. ..but I guess your fingers has to choose.. But in studio the Akai is more fun/creative ..(if it plays nice with your DAW) ..bigger pads, knobs and sliders... As for the CS2x ...cool if you need/want the sounds.
  4. Great thread! .. took some time before i discovered it... Heres my first pick piano sounds! ..(could`t see it in the list ,and I think everybody should know about it!) Modartt`s Pianoteq https://www.pianoteq.com/pianoteq5 It is not sample based! Only 40MB`s... and sounds amazing. I discovered it by chance a couple of years ago and I have been using it both live and in production since. -lacifer
  5. There is a bunch of different approaches to learning synthesis and sound design… Like you said, messing around is a great method, but try messing around with a goal ;-P When I am trying to make a specific sound I often just find something similar and tweak it the best I can … that way you learn a lot of basic parameters... and learn to sort out special timbres and sound qualities in what you hear... Do that a lot and after a while you will automatically analyze all the sounds you hear and break it down into waveforms or methods of synthesis... SoundOnSound had a great (looong) series on di
  6. Hi everybody!.. I`m here to introduce myself…..(crazy as I am, I already posted a thread in the community… bring torches and pitchforks!) I`m a musician, keyboards are my main instrument. I play keyboards in the norwegian metal band Circus Maximus and freelance with other bands. I play mostly rock/metal, but have been writing/ producing a lot of electronic oriented music. I have been lurking around here a lot, but I finally registered, and hopefully I can contribute to this community somehow… It looks like my kind of place! I started my gaming on the Intellivision in 1984, went through Vi
  7. Hey.. I`m new to this forum, but have been lurking around a lot… (ì`ll go to the introduction thread and make a proper introduction there…) I`ve been listening to remixes here for some time, and there are some really great moments here, both in ideas and performance. But I`ve been wondering… ..what are the differences between cover/remake and remixes? Where is the borderline?…. I think there are grey areas, and matter of opinion, so what are your thoughts? I remember in music school, when we had assignments to record famous songs, our teachers always encouraged us to think new and do com
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