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Hothead Bop [Trance Remix]

Fantasy Flow

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O wow, great sounds and arrangement - I really get lost in this.

The overall dynamics of the elements are struggling to fit in with each other though. I don't think you should change anything in your playlist, but instead spend some time with your mixer. Bus and sub-bus all your similar elements out and then mixdown very carefully. Trance has the potential to be much more massive than your current mix shows.

Other than possibly making the build to 2:54 a little bit bigger, I love this arrangement.

Edit : I maybe recognize the dynamics problem from a 'preset' on a mastering plugin. Dunno if that's what you used but even when you use a good mastering plugin you gotta pay teeny attention to detail in the mastering process, and have to constantly check/edit what it's doing to the audio.

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