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::NEW SINGLE:: zykO Live Album 3-9-2015 !

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EDIT: FULL ALBUM AVAILABLE FOR FREE http://zyko.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-rebel-bite !!

Live/unplugged recording of the 31 May 2014 show at Rebel Bite

Despite all manners of technical difficulties, that night's performance was still every bit the representative recording I was hoping to get for this live album.

The performance also offers an early peak at what you can expect, stylistically, from Sad Man on a Rock (as well as a previously unreleased track written years ago that is being re-fashioned for the new album!). I am excited to share this intimate late Spring evening with you so stay tuned!



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Hey brotha, a little late on the uptake here but I gave this a listen and it reminded me how much I love your vocal tracks. The live album format really channels the rawness of your style well. Unplugged Rime of the Wanderin' Seafarer is particularly dope :-)

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