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Sonic - His World Orchestral Remix


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I've been wanting to work on an orchestral remix of this track for ages but never really had enough of the right equipment or software to get the sound I really wanted. This is a very close to finished WIP - still need to make an ending, but everything else is here and looks to be working quite nicely. Also just going to plug Black_Doom's Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Album which this should hopefully be a part of!

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I'm hearing a lot of clipping (mostly in the right channel). You'll probably need to bring the master level down and/or use more compression and/or use a different limiter. Other than that, I think the mix works well. Everything is clear; frequency balance is good.

Not a lot of variety in the arrangement -- the dense parts are mostly brass doubling the piano melody with string sustains and a whole note bassline. It would be nice to hear something more going on in the accompanying parts. A more active bassline, string movement or at least ostinatos, maybe something occasionally replacing the piano on the main melody, etc. I feel like most of the activity and excitement is coming from the percussion right now, and transferring the feel of the percussion into some of the other instruments would go a long way in spicing up the arrangement.

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wut Moseph said, great composition, but both L&R channels are clipping.

Imo, the mixdown could be a bit more more dynamic.

The french horns on the left channel don't sound natural.

The piano sounds a bit too wide, blocking some other instruments frequencies in the the stereo mix.

I also kinda agree that the composition gets a bit predictable, but in the upside of that, it's catchy.

I dig this.

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The potential level of this thing is soooo ridicuous!! If this is the work in progress, then I can't wait to see the final result!

Something to add more depth to the chorus (I guess we can call "HIS WORLD" singing part the chorus). Add deep strings. Actually if you add any strings it may help the theme out to give it more feeling. Toms are on point.

Seeing you are doing this for an album, I'm sure you will get alot of advice for this. Good luck!

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