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  1. The potential level of this thing is soooo ridicuous!! If this is the work in progress, then I can't wait to see the final result! Something to add more depth to the chorus (I guess we can call "HIS WORLD" singing part the chorus). Add deep strings. Actually if you add any strings it may help the theme out to give it more feeling. Toms are on point. Seeing you are doing this for an album, I'm sure you will get alot of advice for this. Good luck!
  2. Crap I'm too late!!!! I wish I could have seen this earlier yo!
  3. Into The Shadows Of Victory.

    Thats my favorite song in the whole game. short but soo good yo!

  4. really low res like the guy said on the video, but if you come hard on it with high quality guitarness, I really think you couod pull it off. Intro was really nice and peaceful too. Kudos to that yo
  5. Really qanted to take listeners on a ride. Video shows everything thats going on for the most part. Hope yall enjoy!
  6. You're working on a Sacred Stones Song? Me too lol. Which one? I'm doing Truth, despair and Hope (Eirika/Ephraim) theme from late game. Love these games.

  7. #Real! Preciate it yo! I may be doing more Fire Emblem songs in the near future. Working on one from the Sacred Stones!
  8. i may have to really go back on the drawing board. im bout to clarify what sounds you pointed out: 3:16 isnt actually a clap....its a kick. some of these sounds may feel somewhat out of place because i use alot of instruments from hip hop packages, since that is what I started out doing back in the day. I may have to find natural tribal kicks to make it sound more real instead of left out. same thing with 2:05. Thats from a rick ross song lol. Same thing with 5:26. I just have to get some more natural sounds. I do have the STORMDRUM VST, so i gotta get to work If the cut is disgusting, maybe
  9. I really appreciate the pointers. I did edit the volume nob on the strings at the end. I fent it woild give a realer effect on the ending.....obviously it backfired. also the bell thingy is tuned a little too much up. I will either have to fix it or cut it completely. I will have to make it mp3 friendly also. i think i may have worried too much on the video and not the actual song. if i didnt show the vid, it may have been a fail alltogether. im thankful that it didnt yet. thank you so much
  10. eh this is a touchy subject for me. "Beatnik on the Ship" is the 2nd best song probably on the whole game. I'm a 90s kid so this songs means alot. I kinda feel you are straying too much away from the main source. I feel its like another song trying to fit in the Street of Rage series, when it should be a Streets of Rage song with your flavor in it. The original song is really heavy on the bassline. You have to incorporate that more in your mix. Going an octave lower would really help give it more depth. Thats my advice. Really work on getting that bassline more incorporated in your song
  11. I think maybe if you add a lead guitar somewhere, it will give it a fuller Jazz band feel. great work btw. Sounds like something from Star Ocean:The Last Hope. Awesome music in that game. the intro leading up to the organ is my favorite. the intensity of the piano may can go just a little bit softer, but keep at it yo!
  12. Hey guys just need some advice/help for a remix I submitted. Here are some problems noted that I got back from someone: Percussion-style SFX from :58-1:05 Electric guitar sample - first used from 2:25-3:22 Stomp/crunch sound - first used from 3:16-3:21 Piano sequencing exposed as rigid, e.g. 3:24-3:36, 3:44-3:47 Very exposed, unnatural-sounding string articulations and decays 7:52, 7:55, 8:14 I really love this mix, and I want it to be really good in order for it to be accepted. If anyone wants to drop their 2 cents or even collab a little bit, I would widely appreciate it! Articulations
  13. Worked a good while on this song. It's 8 minutes long, but its a medley of the "For The Commanders" map theme, and the boss themes for both Zephiel and Idoun. It's really something I take to heart, since I love FE games. I wanna submit it, so I really need feedback. Hope yall enjoy! Here is just the mp3, but the video shows what is going on during that point in the song, so I suggest you stay with the video! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/565980?updated=1
  14. like....WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! As much as I love Kingdom Hearts, you have really like captured the essence of the intro theme. This song means alot to me, so to do good on it means you did an awesome job!
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