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Pokemon D/P/Pt - Pokemon League

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I don't think I'll try submitting this track to OCR or anything, but I'd love to hear some feedback on it regardless for future reference! Last time I posted a mix on here the advice was really useful, so I'd love to have some more. <3 Thanks!

Remix: https://soundcloud.com/electricmudkip/pokemon-dppt-pokemon-league-remix

Original: https://youtu.be/IPBO3l4K7HU

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Woah, that was really good! It seems that you know how to mix the different tracks really well... It all sounded really balanced when listening with my ATH-M50s. The source material was definitely there, but you added enough of your own style to it that it should definitely be within the parameters of a ReMix. I wish I had constructive criticism for you, but everything sounded fine to me! I'm sure some other ReMixers will give you some feedback though :)

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Not too bad. In general the mixing is good. I did find the drastic panning at 0:50, etc. to be jarring, though. It didn't seem to make sense given the lack of elements at intermediate panning positions. 1:15 sounds like a nice climax, but I didn't expect that. Maybe it came too quickly, because I didn't hear anything foreshadowing it. You could have done something as simple as omitting the drums at 1:13 - 1:15 and adding a bass drop and it could work better. Things are also fairly cluttered in the treble at 2:28 - 2:52. A little "generic" in the sound design, but still pretty nice.


The arrangement works well IMO.

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So, I'm mostly going to mirror Timaeus' criticisms. Like why is that lead panned out in the right at :50, but the counterpart doesn't come in for nearly another 10 seconds? I mean I get the idea for stereo width and the like, but there are other ways to do that. Why not pan it right when the other lead is playing? That is a pretty easy thing to do really. Or another option might be to keep the original lead in the center and then have some kind of auto panning on the second one. Needless to say it has too much power to be solely in the right channel and it is kind of grating on the ear. You need to find a way to balance it against the left channel. Now, I did like the lift in energy around 1:15 and it actually felt appropriate to me to create a bigger fall for the solo piano that follows. However, I got to admit the climax at the end is actually quite good sounding. However, this is also where the mixing issues really start to become apparent. Maybe it is just that I've spent too much time mixing today, but here goes.


The intro is solid enough sounding and has no real issues. The kick & bass are arguing with one another to a degree which is not something you really want. There really are only three ways for this to work out. Let the bass win, let the kick win, or let the sidechain win. Your choice, pick one and roll with it. It sounds like you've got some slightly sidechaining going on during the uplift around 1:15, but really that could be a master compressor as well. Also, during that section you've got some high frequency elements that are getting lost a bit due to the kick & bass and they're also clouding up the hats/cymbals. The piano in the breakdown is very nice sounding IMO and the effect that brings up the climax is very fitting as well. The climax starts off strong enough. Decent overall balance if a bit on the brighter side of things making it harder to hear the overtones of some of the instruments. Then comes in the clutter. Look I'm all for having a lot going on, but the more you have going on the more you really have to get in there with volume, pan, & EQ to separate it all out and make it clearly audible. Another choice you have is actually to layer a few of the sounds together to create a more complex timbre that is almost one thing and yet almost another thing at the same creating a more interesting sound all together. Personally, I'd suggest letting the various elements simply breathe. They sound really squashed up there all together IMO.


Pretty good track though I think. Chill but with enough attitude to be interesting.

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