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Newbie Crap in need of help (Brink of Time Remix)


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Title: Passing By Time

Game: Chrono Trigger

Song: The Brink of Time


I am no where near done with this, the background kind of just ends right when the melody begins, just wanted to get the intro all cleaned up before I really started (to prevent clean-up afterwards)I haven't really ever used filters before and am going to get some help from a friend later on it. I am also going to make some alternate kick beats since four quarter beats for every measure is kind of boring.

Thanks in advance for the constructive advice! ^-^


Edit: I just realized that my friend doesn't have sytrus so I'll have to wait til I get back home to convert it to MP3 to post it. Sorry ^^;;


Edit 2: http://www.filefactory.com/file/6c9c0d/

Here it is

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Well I like the intro, with the arpeggio's and stuff, but I think you should work on the transition between the intro and the second part, because the intro kind of just 'dies out'. The synth that comes in at 00:31 is VERY loud and VERY annoying, so definitely cut the volume down on it, and put some effect on it so it doesn't stand out that much (some reverb for example).

As for drums, I really only heard the kick drums, but I suppose this whole piece was just an 'intro', so I can't comment on the drums until you've made a steady beat for the rest of the piece.

Also, the synth that comes in somewhere around 1:00 sounds rather out of context because of the lack of reference to the previous sequence, i.e. you should retain the chords you were using, or add a bassline on both parts which connects them, so this sequence doesn't sound out of place.

that's pretty much all, the samples sounded like they were of decent quality, so have fun working on this, and I hope my advice was useful.


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Hehe, the song does litterally die out because I decided to clean up the rest of the beggining before even going into the second part.

Also,as I am a newb,how does one use/make reverb? I am not very good with the effects and stuffs,and from all of the other topics, it seems like a fundamental to pick up early.

Thanks for the first response Tensei-San ^^.

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Reverb( if you didn't know about it) is the adding of an echo to the sample, which makes it sound as if it were played in, for example, a big hall. It can be done with a number of programs.

I don't know what program you used to create this piece, but I'm pretty sure it has some kind of reverb plugin or something, given it's a really popular effect. Otherwise you could use some wave editing program like Adobe Audition (or Audacity if you're looking for a freeware one) to add some artificial reverb, but I'm not very sure about the quality you get from it.

I suggest you take a look at the remixing subforums, and read the stickies to learn about the different effects, and how to effectively implement them into your mix, since the correct use of effects is an absolute requisite for making a remix that doesn't sound stale and boring. :wink:

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