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  1. Ahahahaha, you're the guy damned to being fapped to at 4chan.
  2. A great start for a WIP. Everything is clean and crisp sounding, and the guitar is excellently used. One of my only irks are the hand claps, perhaps get a better sounding clap or use multiple dynamics in the mix. At 1:09 the guitar gets a bit too loud and jolts you out of the smooth jazz lull you have going. Tone that down and change the claps and you should be good. If you want to be completely sure the mix gets accepted, as stated above, incorporate a little more of Frog's Theme into the mix. Nothing too much, just a slight alteration to make the original piece come in better. I look foward to seeing your future remixes and good luck.
  3. I need a good jingle bell sound found and any Christmasy soundfonts anyone can dredge up if you all don't mind... Thanks in advance.
  4. Warning: Sarcasm and Minor RE4 Spoiler Alert! The all-time three hardest bosses, in order of appearance in time. 1.Sephiroth's Final Form from FF7 (Regular Sephiroth) 2.Mysterio from Spiderman 2 - The convience store battle! 3.Salazar from Resident Evil 4 - He can hit you everywhere!!! I think Salazar is the most sad, because he was supposed to be hard to beat. OH NO! HE CAN'T HIT ME WITH REGULAR ATTACKS, I'M DOOMED UNLESS I STAND HERE AND SHOOT AT HIM, OCCASIONALLY EASILY DODGING TENTACLES, BUT I THINK I'M DOOMED!
  5. First of all, I want to congratulate djprezel for making a suitable trance that did not sound as repetitive as the genre usually includes. The sounds melded nicely together, forming a smooth rhythm, that, while providing excellent backround the the melody, did not over-power it(Which isn't a bad thing, but it just wouldn't have fit in such a song.). Around 00:56' I started hearing some notes that reminded me of the ending theme of Pee-Wee's Playhouse, the nightmarish show I so loved in my childhood. David and I are among the few who acutally played this game in its prime. While I did not own it, I had quite a fun rental session courtesy of my local Blockbuster. This is one of the few songs which actually make me want to buy a brand new computer and pump it full of all sorts of music programs. Again, kudos to you, Mr. Lloyd, for revitalizing my youth in such a happy way that reminds me of summer times at the beach. You have my thanks.
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