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Live Metroid Title Theme on Electric Violin


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I'm digging the non-live version too. The atmosphere created by the various violin parts is quite excellent. The drums sound a bit basic, I feel a lot more care could've gone into them, both in mixing and sequencing. The snare especially seems to stick out of the mix as rather plain and unprocessed (and a bit loud). I like how it gets layered with another sample around 2:50 though & filtered later on.


I'm wishing the percussion track was subtler, since the repetition is quite noticeable while the drums stick out of the mix hogging a bit too much of the attention. The violin is of course the highlight and I'm enjoying it very much.


The lengthy structure is holding my attention quite well. I'd say the "cut and rewind" at 3:22-3:26 wasn't working 100% for me, there was some feeling of repetition rather than pure tension building. Even with that, I'm pretty much kept into the song all the way through.


Both versions have their merits; the studio version is the cleaner more accurate take - in the live version I'm a fan of the wilder industrial sounds from the electric violin.

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