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F-Zero: Dream Chaser 'Silencer'


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Hey everyone,


I'm playing MAGStock 2015 and I'll be playing an updated version of this F-Zero remix, along with other chiptune/video game related music. The goal for this was to play all the leads on electric violin, as opposed to that weird six-stringed instrument a lot of other people seem to like to play.





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I dig the violin sound & approach on electric violin, definitely. Yeah, it does sound out of tune. The drums, while quite fast and energetic in that way, kind of sit in the center, kind of dry and plain and lack punch. I do like the relentless feel of the fast drum patterns & the fast playing. The arrangement feels a bit repetitive, maybe in part because the violin is constantly playing throughout. I thought it looped at 1:08, though happily this was not the case. I do like the variations, and for instance the doubling in the higher octave sounds very nice.

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