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Game: Chrono Trigger

Original Track: Corridors of Time

Link to Remix: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/628213


A couple of days ago i was messing with my guitar, and found an interesting chord progression that i liked. I then randomly noticed that with some adjustments i could make Corridors of Time work in that chord progression, so i made this arrangement. What do you think?

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I really like the piano, and I didn't mind the melody being high up. I think the choir stood out a bit too much though, and I didn't really like the sound of it anyways. I'd prefer a softer string sound there or something. At 2:10, I think you could take out the instruments more subtlety. Or possibly build it up more before before starting to slow down for the ending.

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Nice work, I like this arrangement a lot :-)

It does feel a bit short though, I would love to hear more.

The reverse crash at 0:40 doesn't really do much, or rather it's all alone or it doesn't lead to more percussion, feels odd.

The shakers feel too extremely panned left/right, I would move them very very slightly closer to center.

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