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Searching for Nintendo-themed swing remixes


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So I do swing dancing on occasion, and we're having a Nintendo-themed night next Saturday.
I need your guy's help to link me to some good swing remixes - something we can actually swing dance to - of themes from the popular characters of the Nintendo franchise.
In particular, I know there's been a Donkey Kong remix along the lines of "Sing, Sing, Sing" I've heard before, but can't find. Any help appreciated.


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I don't know if it really qualifies, but one of my favorites is, "Mario! Stay Alert!" arranged by Soichi Noriki.



It may not be the most suitable swing dancing tune, though. It's more "jazzy" and less "swingy".

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yep, that's more on the jazz side. I like it, but not what I'm looking for.
Swing and swing dancing have a bit more hop.

I know it's not common these days, but for a site with zillion remixes, there's gotta be at least something here in that genre
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The following tracks on OCR have swing beats, most of which I think should be at a reasonable tempo for dancing?  (I'm a musician, and I've played with swing bands for dances before, but I'm no dancer.)  Recording quality varies, and this is not necessarily a comprehensive list, just a few things I was able to quickly identify:


Estradasphere - "Super Buck II" (Mario 2)
Adrian Holovaty - "Gypsy Jazz" (Mario 2)
The Runaway Five - "Shinra Shuffle" (FF6)
The University of Toronto 10 O'Clock Big Band - "Big-Band Battlefield" (Mario 64)
Neskvartetten - "Link Goes to New Orleans" (Zelda)
Acadia Percussion Ensemble - "Percussion Hijinx" (DK Country)
djpretzel - "Swanky Vegas" (SMW)
djpretzel - "Stray Donkey Strut" (DK Country)


The Runaway Five might have a few other suitable things floating around out there outside of OCR as well, I'm not sure.  And you could probably manage to do something with The Megas' "Gemineye" off of History Repeating: Red.

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Now we're talking! I like that electro swing. I can use some of these.
The unfortunate thing about the swing genre these days, it often seems to be made for listening more than dancing, since swing dancing isn't as popular as it was back in the old days, it makes a disconnect between the musicians and the dancers.
Still there's always gems if you look hard enough. I've got faith in electro-swing, but so far that genre is hit-or-miss

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