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  1. No more responses, so I just put EDM for that one. Somebody else can get more specific later. (I presume there will be some chance for review / refinement eventually anyway.) Anyway, I know I'm going slower than some of the others, but I'm up for another batch...
  2. Sure, can do, but I'd also welcome the oppourtunity to learn more about the classifications, if possible.
  3. Okay, I have another question for anyone who's paying attention - sorry if I'm taking this too seriously but I'd rather get these right than rush thru them, and I'm deliberately using this task as motivation to learn more about current genre classifications, especially EDM which I've never payed much close attention to before. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00172 House or Trance? From what I've read I'm leaning slightly more towards Trance, but I don't know if it's "spacey" enough to count as that... or would you give up and just label it generically "EDM"?
  4. Sorry if I end up spamming this thread with questions... I've been trying to do a little research on my own to brush up on the terminology being used for genres, but I'm at a bit of a loss to tell the difference between Jungle and DnB. Does anyone have some more-or-less-objective yardsticks by which they separate the two?
  5. That google doc with the list of tags has some helpful explanations for some of them, but I could use some clarification on some of the moods - what sorts of things should or shouldn't be tagged with something like "chill" or "dark", for instance? Those are pretty broad adjectives. Also, I totally understand and respect keeping a consistent, limited, manageable list of tags, but since it's my primary instrument I feel like I have to mention it just once - you have violin, viola, and cello on the list for instrumentation, but you've notably omitted the remaining member of the modern string section, the double bass (upright bass, string bass, acoustic bass, contrabass viol, bull fiddle, doghouse, whatever you want to call it...)
  6. I'm the sort of person who wastes far too much time curating my own iTunes library anyway, so I'd be interested in helping out with this.
  7. The following tracks on OCR have swing beats, most of which I think should be at a reasonable tempo for dancing? (I'm a musician, and I've played with swing bands for dances before, but I'm no dancer.) Recording quality varies, and this is not necessarily a comprehensive list, just a few things I was able to quickly identify: Estradasphere - "Super Buck II" (Mario 2) Adrian Holovaty - "Gypsy Jazz" (Mario 2) The Runaway Five - "Shinra Shuffle" (FF6) The University of Toronto 10 O'Clock Big Band - "Big-Band Battlefield" (Mario 64) Neskvartetten - "Link Goes to New Orleans" (Zelda) Acadia Percussion Ensemble - "Percussion Hijinx" (DK Country) djpretzel - "Swanky Vegas" (SMW) djpretzel - "Stray Donkey Strut" (DK Country) The Runaway Five might have a few other suitable things floating around out there outside of OCR as well, I'm not sure. And you could probably manage to do something with The Megas' "Gemineye" off of History Repeating: Red.
  8. I'm no expert on gaming keyboards, but when I finally killed the last old stock keyboard I had that I considered remotely acceptable, I grabbed a CM Quick Fire Rapid which I'm quite happy with. It came with Cherry MX Blues, which are very loud and clacky, which I personally find extremely satisfying. I've seen it suggested that the Blues are more optimized for typing than gaming though, which seems plausible to me based on how they feel. (I'm not exactly a competitive twitch gamer in any case.)
  9. I made this with some friends a long time ago: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/404-live-at-river-road/id348336604
  10. Olarin

    Work intervals

    And every time, you think maybe you'll try to pace yourself on the next one, and only watch one episode a day or something like that, so you won't run out of it immediately. And that only ever lasts for the first three or four episodes.
  11. How about some understated European jazz? Lars Danielsson: Esbjörn Svensson Trio: Tord Gustavsen Trio: Jan Garbarek: Eberhard Weber: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUsQNXIGR1M Also, for Xelebes: if you don't like horns, have you tried piccolo bass? (No, not the electric variety...) Ron Carter: Isao Suzuki:
  12. I added all three of you, and added my AIM name here.
  13. Yahoo Chess doesn't require any setup, it's just browser based. With my suggestion, you can pick from a number of clients, most of which are quite easy to set up, or they also have a web browser version you can use.
  14. Personally I prefer Free Internet Chess Server (http://www.freechess.org/). But either way, I'm in. Players will just schedule games amongst themselves I assume? (Makes more sense to me than trying to declare an official meeting time or something.)
  15. Inexplicably, I somehow have more respect for that song now that I know its title is "Green Onions".
  16. Olarin


    Galaxy 5000 is one of the most technically impressive games on the NES, in addition to being one of the most fun to play.
  17. Aw, I kinda like this one. At the least, you have to admit it was a bold choice (the rest of the soundtrack, while not earth shattering, is well constructed enough to suggest that the composer didn't just make that intro by accident or by lack of understanding of the hardware) and if nothing else, it certainly catches one's attention. ...although *I* have to admit, when I borrowed this game from a friend last year and that was the first thing I heard, I was worried for a second that the cartridge was scrambled or something.
  18. It's won't be hard to find some people in this forum to agree with you that there's some crappy stuff out there that people manage to make some popularity and a quick buck on. However, keep in mind that whenever you complain about it or bring it up for discussion, you're bringing more attention to it, and there really is almost no such thing as bad publicity. If you want to see better music get more attention, get out there and find it, and find people who will appreciate it and share it with them. I don't mean to attack the original poster, of course - you have every right to present a legitimate criticism of something you don't like. But I think if you really want to sway the public towards better music, positive reinforcement of good music will always have more effect than negative reinforcement of the bad. People will get defensive when you focus on telling them why what they think they like is drivel, even if your arguments are impeccably sound.
  19. Oh hey, am I too late to take the oppourtunity to shamelessly plug my own album in this thread? Might be interesting to you, based on some of the stuff you were referencing.
  20. Lots of people do that. If I remember my music history class correctly (which I probably don't, but anyway) I think Stravinsky even got himself into minor trouble once, accidentally using a melody from some pop tune that he heard an organ grinder playing outside his window or something. I've also sometimes done what you might think of as the reverse - I hear some melody I like in a soundtrack or something but I can't get ahold of a recording right away, so I try to come up with something similar from what I remember, and extrapolate on it, and when I finally hear the original again I realize what I wrote is so far removed from it that I have a new composition on my hands.
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