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V-jams (VGM arrangement project featuring all LIVE instrumentation/vocals)

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Here's something new and exciting. http://v-jams.bandcamp.com/album/v-jams
"Formed in 2015, V-Jams is a collective of musicians that share a unified vision in the creation of diverse taste tingling grooves using Video Game songs as a medium. The group is comprised of multifaceted musicians ranging from classical to jazz backgrounds and everything in between. Brace yourselves for a shockwave of enticing jams to please listeners with varied musical inclinations. "

Featured artists

Aeoxis (Tovaun Anthony) Guitar, Production, Website Development
Luciopro (Robert Baldomero Warner) MC
Detective Tuesday (Anton Corazza) MC, Alto/Tenor/Soprano saxophone, Co-Production
Travis Morgan (Aka Travis) Co-production
Rekcahdam (Roger Hicks) Drums, Co-Production
James Alexandre Hadley (Aka Lethal Weapon 5) Guitar, Album Cover Art, Logo Art



1. I Saw The Demons Junk (Doom)

2. Ballad Of A Winded Fish (Link's Awakening)

3. Stormy Day In Clock Town (Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask)

4. Killer NSYNC (Killer Instinct)

5. National Pork (Pokémon Gold and Silver)

6. Living On The Deck (Metal Slug 2)

7. Aquatic Ruined Zone (Sonic 2)

8. Happy Endings



"The concept behind the album was to rearrange songs in completely different genres from the original source material. From Sonic to Zelda to Doom. From Samba to Go-Go to Jazz! We went cray cray!!!


All instruments were played live."



Hope y'all enjoy this



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