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2 remixes : Streetfighter 2 Balrog / Sonic 2 Hydrocity


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Nice to see you around here! The more people posting music in here, the more exciting the forum is. A quick note, though - it's a bit odd to have more than one track to review in a thread. If you want to have two tracks reviewed you will probably have better luck making two threads about them. Just trying to help out.

Haa, I actually love the direction of the Sonic track. It just screams hip hop or rap vocals over it, though - while really good, it does feel like it's making room for something. If not, then it does sound pretty quiet, overall. Lots of fun, though, glad to hear it up here.

The drums are at a nice level for the Balrog track, though the rest of the synths are a bit in the background. The lead could really stand out more, in that one. Overall, pretty good, but there's a lot of space that you could use to increase the volume a lot with minimal quality drop. This one would really benefit from a volume boost.

Nice tracks overall, though. I hope some of this helps :)

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