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"One Winged Angel" + "Birth Of A God" = why not

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I was thinking about the possibility of Bizarro Sephiroth (FF7) being in Kingdom Hearts and that made me wonder why there isn't a remix of both "One Winged Angel" and "Birth Of A God" (perhaps in counterpoint or something). I think it's a wonderful idea but nobody's done it yet. These are both great and iconic themes for an iconic villain. Maybe I should do it myself but how would I combine the two? However I feel a more skilled remixer may be necessary. 


Here's the KH2 version of "One Winged Angel".

Here's the original FF7 version of "Birth of a God".



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Gonna be pretty hard to mix both of these, but it's something I'm definitely to sink my teeth in. Of course, it's finding out HOW that's gonna take a while (And I'm mostly experienced with metal so it might just have this little touch of "melt your face off" I'm used to work with

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