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  1. Gonna be pretty hard to mix both of these, but it's something I'm definitely to sink my teeth in. Of course, it's finding out HOW that's gonna take a while (And I'm mostly experienced with metal so it might just have this little touch of "melt your face off" I'm used to work with
  2. My only gripe with it is that it ends too fast. Otherwise, it's very good!
  3. Here's another original metal mix for those who fight hard!
  4. I like it. It's pretty uplifting, sounds like there's actually some work being done, like the part where you get an epiphany and suddenly your project seems to take off, Also happenned to auto-play Metal Dream cover. pretty good too
  5. Here's my first full song. Nothing truely revolutionary, just pure instrumental goodness. Only guitar and sampled drums. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmNLfei2g38 Feedback is of course welcome and encouraged, I'm trying to grow, no matter how bitter it gets
  6. I love it! And yeah, that short solo was awesome!
  7. Cuts off a bit too sharp, without a real finale, but otherwise, I really like the vibe it has. good job
  8. In terms of composition, this is a great track. Keep it, don't throw it in the trash. In terms of instrumentation and sound quality though­, There might be a bit of work to do, the guitar sounds really too flat and dead. Also, I don't know if that's gonna help you or not, I just hope it doesn't discourage you from the sheer number of things, but here's a quick list of things that really change how your riff sounds when you're playing guitar. -Picking technique. (Upstroke, Downstroke, alternate picking, sweep picking, economy picking, pickslanting, pick angle... they all sound different) -Vibrato. (probably THE sound that makes a guitarist recognizable. It's when you play a note, bend it out of pitch, back again, repeatedly. TONS of nuances in there) Legato (Playing a series of notes without picking them, just hammer-ons and pull-offs. Could almost be counted in picking technique as far as sound is concerned) -Muted notes (Usually in a sequencer you can simulate that by having your note super short, but it's still not quite the same sound. Adds a percussive quality to your playing). -Harmonics (now there are pretty much different pitches by themselves, but you can get a bit of harmonic to ring at the same time as a regular note) Just combining those in a 10-note lick creates hundreds of different sounds, but it's also what really adds "humanity" to your sound. I'm sorry if this looked like a big wall of stuff you already knew, but just in case you didn't already know these, it's worth checking out each technique separately. There's literally so much a guitar can do, if you just take the extra time to modify the sound and add some irregularities, it'll sound 10x better.
  9. having played SC2 back when I wasn't even in high school, I didn't remember No turning Back, so I went to check it. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed. You know, I've been looking for a remix project, and I'm not decided yet but this might just make the cut (ok, browsing through a lot of SC2 tracks, I'm realizing how much I miss that game)
  10. It literally blows my mind, how people can take a very ambient, "barely there" background track and make a full-blown song out of it. The mood set by this piece is also very interresting. makes you feel not quite safe, but comfortable enough to stay a while
  11. I honestly think this system will kill OCR. I mean, yeah, it's an excellent idea to make noobs be able to arrange a song however they want, but why in the hell did you have to cut off on the REAL artists? Ever listened to "The Legend of the Snake" in the MGS section? that thing's a masterpiece, hell this site is full of masterpieces, but no, forget the artistic side of music just to let noobs have that cheesy mix that doesn't even sound like an actual arrange... I HATE THIS!!!
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