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DuckTale - The Moon


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I tried to make something with the Moon Theme of Ducktale (Nes). This theme was remixed a lot of time so I tried something new.

It's an orchestral version with some Pachelbel pattern in the third part of the track.


Let me knom if you like it.








Original :


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Moody intro. Some of those sounds are a bit too shrill. The mix itself is mostly fine. My forte isn't orchestral mixes, but from what I can tell, the mix is works well. It's dynamic, possibly a little on the soft side in terms of levels. No instrument stands out as being overly loud or buried behind everything else. The only thing I'd look into, mix-wise, is the drums. They don't seem to belong. It might be the wrong kit, it might be the type or amount of reverb. See what you can do about that.

Most of the strings seems to be the same articulation, which hurts the realism a lot. The brass melody lags behind, and as a lead, it needs to be more expressive. The piano is mechanical. Overall, the performance aspect of the remix is lacking or weak.
The arrangement is nice and dynamic. The ending might be a little too much of a repeat of previous iterations of the same part of source, and not enough end-y. The Pachelbel part, from 2:27, the simplistic piano writing there doesn't quite fit an orchestral piece of this type, imo. I know what you're trying to do there, since it's in the post, but I wouldn't have figured it out without the post, ergo it doesn't work. It comes off as lazy, repetitive writing. A different arrangement could build it more seamlessly into the structure of the track. More expression in the instrumentation, more of a performance (especially to the leads) might make it work. Currently, I think it does not.
Get rid of the shrill stuff in the intro, see what you can do about the drums, and improve the sense of performance to the orchestral stuff. The you'll have a rather good track. Nice work so far.
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