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Some thoughts:

  • Vocals: To some extent silly on purpose but the performance and quality could be better, the recording situation (just my apartment) is a bottleneck though. I do feel this is my best attempt so far at mixing clean vocals at least so yay, progress. (Lyrics are very "in-joke" so feel free to ignore.)
  • Guitars & Bass: Pretty happy with them (DI, amp sims), a lot going on at once sometimes but still sounds alright (IMO). Maybe the rhythm guitars could be a bit crunchier to cut through when it gets busy. Eternal struggle.
  • Brass (Impact Soundworks) and strings (Kontakt's factory stuff + a tiny bit IS Furia): They do what I wanted them to do but could be clearer, still learning to mix stuff like that.
  • Kick drum: I'm always pretty happy with it until I think someone from the VGM community is going to listen 'cause I know y'all like it way louder.



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