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  1. ya i keep my acoustic in a laundry basket, what you gonna do about it
  2. I've been using https://instaud.io/ a bit, AFAIK does not re-encode*. 15MB file limit though so maybe not actually ideal for WAVs or really long tracks, but it's been pretty neat for my quick VBR MP3 sharing needs. Not a platform to "build" anything on I guess, but you did say overlooked platforms. (*I'm not the greatest mixer, but here's a pretty clear example on the cymbal thing where SC really does a number on them: instaud.io vs SoundCloud, same MP3 upload)
  3. Cinder's Theme from the new Killer Instinct (Season 2)
  4. Owww... Super stoked about this one (looks awesome guys!) and would have been a done deal up to $100, but at $149 (plus cursed VAT)... Angst, my friends. Angst. Don't know if hopes of an introductory price (mailing list?) are realistic..? Regardless, congrats on releasing another awesome library!
  5. Sorry if this is known already; just noticed that of these links only "Rules" is working.
  6. Just a fun one-day track so it's a bit repetitive and stuff. Kind of thought it ended up sounding a bit like a Touhou arrangement (mainly the "bridge"?) which was fun. Experimenting with some new (to me) things, mainly saturation that I've never used before. Don't really know what I'm doing with it but it does sound nice here and there so guess I'll keep messing with it!
  7. There are gosh darn all sorts of thingers in here 'cause I do what I want when I want.
  8. The arp in the original is different during the intro from the rest of the song (mainly because it begins with another crazy time sig - haven't checked but someone said 15/16..? - before changing to good ol' 4/4 when the drums enter). Eighth note goes up instead of down (and the following notes get offset too). Sounds like the arp in this remix takes from the intro variant throughout the entire song which makes it sound "ahead" if you're used to hearing the high note as the ninth one right on the bass drum hit (where in the remix the high note is the eight one and so arrives one note earlier t
  9. Yeah don't doubt that, just bummed that "because it's new and/but was also recently on sale" they seemingly arbitrarily decided that they didn't want a whole bunch more people to buy it now (clearly a lot of people were gearing up for Black Friday). From the outside it just seems like a questionable move. Also annoyed that they kept answering specific requests for ONE with "it is on sale... in bundles!" like people would go "ooh right you are, let me drop over a grand on that real quick" but that's just me... I'll get it whenever I can afford it, would have it already if it would've been
  10. Some thoughts: Vocals: To some extent silly on purpose but the performance and quality could be better, the recording situation (just my apartment) is a bottleneck though. I do feel this is my best attempt so far at mixing clean vocals at least so yay, progress. (Lyrics are very "in-joke" so feel free to ignore.) Guitars & Bass: Pretty happy with them (DI, amp sims), a lot going on at once sometimes but still sounds alright (IMO). Maybe the rhythm guitars could be a bit crunchier to cut through when it gets busy. Eternal struggle. Brass (Impact Soundworks) and strings (Ko
  11. And Spitfire isn't actually discounting Albion ONE either. pretty darn bummed out right now
  12. Very nice, and a bit different from most of the others - speaking of which, that is an insane amount of submission they'll have to go through ...Might have to increase their workload by one more just for fun Short stuff like this is always fun.
  13. Big thanks for that Moseph, and thanks for the heads up Dissidia. Seems like a nice complementary library for $45, definitely grabbing it and hope they'll release an update fixing the bugs soon. Their French Horn library sounds nice too, may as well, may as well...
  14. Sweet, a mere nine hours to nearest (added) countryman. Lycksele, Sweden
  15. My memory is not nearly good enough to remember exactly when I found out about OCR, but it was probably very early if only because I had a bunch of internet-savvy friends/friends of friends who were all into games and music and shared all the good stuff all the time. Relating to what Brandon was saying about burnt CDs, I recently stumbled across one of mine from 2002 (Grosse Lederhosen, baby) at least. By that time even my family had an "unlimited" 0.5 Mbit connection for over two years though. No idea why I apparently didn't sign up until 2006 but I remember being surprised about not having a
  16. I use them all day err'day, seriously one of my best purchases ever. So comfy, so good. Thanks again.
  17. If I'm alone, I never hold back be it games, books or movies. Funnily enough, the first one that comes to mind is... Elite Beat Agents. It just came so out of nowhere, wasn't prepared! CROCODILE TEARS.
  18. If you don't need them, then why make a rule around them? Again, all I'm saying is if you have to look it up it can't be that bad (or you're in no position to judge), and if you can already tell that it sounds bad well there you go. Low dynamic range can be intentional (and suits some genres more than others), setting a specific limit just seems completely arbitrary (and dangerously close to trying to decide how music "should" be which I'm not a fan of). It's just not as easy as f.e. setting a rule about clipping. You like "a quieter, more dynamic master a LOT more", well... great I guess! Can
  19. The site already has production standards, and if something sounds bad it doesn't pass. So this is completely pointless unless, curiously, something can sound good but not meet an arbitrary set amount of dynamics. That site is interesting but you probably shouldn't seriously judge music as yes or no by the numbers it spits out. The funny thing is, though, that I don't think I've ever seen anyone argue that dynamics are bad; meanwhile the only ones who I'd describe as "stuck in a mental bubble" are the ones who seemingly somehow can't accept that people legitimately enjoy the "brickwalled" stu
  20. Definitely one of my absolute favorites on the album despite not being a genre I really ever listen to, love the lyrics and vocal performances too. Singing it (especially the calm part) to myself all the time
  21. I know basically nothing (and can't find much) about "Twelve Insomnia" except that he(?) did The Fire (which I found in Dj CUTMAN's Dubtropolis). Want more of this so badly!
  22. Yeah this is one of the best things ever, definitely pushed PuD's Duds into "must buy" territory (so picked that up along with Contra 4: Rocked ‘n’ Loaded a while back). Get it, get it, get it! Also found hilarious.
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