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This is a remix of 'survivor theme 1' from the 1997 RTS Krush, Kill n' Destroy. It's kind of a first pass and I'm always too eager to share things, but so far liking it. Not exactly sure where else to take it as it was just a spur of the moment fun thing to do.


So tell me what you think. I think it might need a little spacing, but I need some fresh ears. I'd also like to stick in some better cymbals and find a better fake sounding guitar that isn't an FL Studio preset.


I actually have never played the original game, but people seem to have fond memories. :P  Might check it out soon.


Remix: https://soundcloud.com/fraser-jennison/kknd/s-9Gvnj


Original: https://youtu.be/znlRIcNAoKE

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Easy lover - Phil Collins, at about 0:55. First thing I thought of!

Sounds cool. It has a mix of different timezones in it. On the one hand you feel this 90's music, on the other hand you hear pretty modern sounding instruments, like the lead synth at about 1:00.

Depending on what you want, maybe aiming it at one time zone or experimenting further.

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Thanks for the reply! Didn't see it until now.

Don't hear the Easy Lover connection but I'm ok with it! I don't mind some Phil Collins, and I'm a pretty big Genesis fan. As for the period sound- I wanted to embrace the 90s quality of the original, just because it would be some kind of defence to it sucking honestly. :P  The actual instruments are VST recreations of a Pro One, some Juno model, a Mellotron, and a Hammond, so really none of it is meant to sound very modern.

If I go back to it in future I'd really need to widen the sound somehow and fill it up a bit, because it does feel a bit empty. Possibly I could take it in a more industrial, lo-fi direction, with pots and pans clanging around... that'd reflect KKND I think.

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