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  1. @Gario Hahaha Let me make clear that I have zero intentions of entering a competition or panel, But thank you for the feedback! Thanks for the complement, that means a lot to me! Big fan of the Battle Network Series. Indeed it is quite clean. I haven't been arranging that much the last months, so the changes are kinda boring to me.
  2. Hello OCR! Long time! I have for you a house remix of the I used sidechaining in this mix for the first time, I would definitely like some reviews/feedback on this mix! Normally I won't work on covers and remixes anymore, but because of the use of new techniques, I am open to suggestions and directions. Thank you in advance, T-Ape
  3. Dude, My biggest advice to you and your bassplayer is work on your technique. It will add so much to the cover when your technique is on point.
  4. Awesome cover! Took me a while to get the time in the beginning, but once you get it, it's amazing. Like how you switched up some harmonies! Always a plus for me!! And eh...brutal guitar man!
  5. @Gario Thank you! That's a great compliment. I hope to record it soon. I had to focus on exams, so didn't have the time yet.
  6. Hello OCR, long time! This time I have a small bass cover for you(with drums too) I wanted to record it myself, but i'm still practicing, so that's a thing for the future. Anyway... Hope you like it. If you have feedback regarding the mix, balance, that would be great. Yes the sound is midi, I know, but only the bass will change. I don't have a drummer or drumset. See ya!
  7. *Bumb* I updated one of my songs. @Feyhd Making the arpeggio brighter performed miracles! Thanks @timaeus222 @DevilBeats I hope the mix has more impact now. I tried balancing instrument use more this time by cutting stuff out. It's still pretty full, but every track has more space now.
  8. Thanks a lot for the feedback! This one is short indeed. As I wrote, My guitar skills were a bit low. The extra loud piano is to cover up the sloppy mistakes I made on guitar hahaha. I'll check the bass though, I don't have problems with it's volume, but that's probably my speakers. About the drums, I'll look into that. I don't often write jazz, so I made a loop, but never added extra stuff to it. I don't know when I'll work on it again, not very soon i think. But when I do, I'll check your feedback again. T-Ape
  9. Thanks! Awesome sounds, especially the build up is one that I haven't heard like that before. I like the arrangement you made of it! the versatile in dynamics is one of the pros of this one. What I do think is that there's a problem people get when covering this tune, including yours(srry), it's that people lose the drive of the chorus after the build up(I made a cover too about 6 months ago and had the same problem). In terms of instruments, Maybe it's my own headphone, but I experience the hi-hat as too loud compared to the other instruments. Hope you have use of this. T-ape
  10. There are pro's on giving someone feedback on their level. To give an example and taking in account Timeaus and my view. Scenario: Let's say I'm a world class pianist and I have to give feedback to one of my student. This student has learned the first part of fur elise by ear and knows the C major scale. - As his teacher, to get him one level Higher, I would give him an exercise on playing the C major scale with more dynamic, staccato, or an arpeggio/interval. We could work on the F major and maybe start the second part of Fur elise which is in F major. This would be a challenge for the student, since it's one level higher than his/her current level. - Same scenario, but the student asks me to give him sheet music of let's say Chopin's Sonate No.2 in B flat minor. This would be way to much above his level. I would suggest him as his teacher to slow it down a little bit and first practice more scales, arpeggio's, maybe first do the Inventione in F - Bach, which might still be a bit too much, but is at a lot lower level than the Chopin piece. This would be a challenge for the student, since it's asking him/her to reflect better on himself. - Same scenario, but this student is clearly scared of failing at learning something new. With every mistake he/she stopped and says "I can't do it". To help this student in overcoming their fear, I as the teacher would suggest the E minor scale and we'll work on the Comptine D’un Autre été, L’Après-midi Yann Tiersen, which is another popular beginner's piece, but not that difficult to play. This would be a challenge for the student, since he/she is facing their fear of failing.
  11. That's TOTALLY what I meant! xD:P Yes, my proposal is a bit formal. From what I understand from your post, giving people their freedom on how they want to present their work has more priority(if that's the right word for it). I'm curious about the how-to thread on tag-use. I'm also pretty new to that, so... True, I agree completely. True, I get your point of view. What I meant with the argument was feedback that the remixer is not ready for yet. Some are still beginners with recording or arranging/changing a song and receive feedback that's just to far above their current level.(Generally speaking, I can't think of an example right now). But you are right about some remixers overestimating their skills, who are in need of some ego-crushing feedback(exaggerated hahaha)
  12. Sounds awesome! Wonder if NFS let's you use your own music. Definitively fits the game!
  13. Rozovian, I have a question. Whenever I try to give feedback on peoples work, I can't help but ask myself: What did the maker of the remix/cover intended or why did he do this or what does he want me to give feedback about specifically... This, in my opinion from what I see, sometimes results in good feedback being given, but maybe not what the maker asked for, wanted or (yet) needed... What do you think about the idea to let people post their work and give additional information, like what they wanted to achieve, what do they need feedback for, short description of their work or so? Something like: Thread - [Insert titel] [Link to remix/cover] [Link to original] Description - Short description about 'makers' work Goal - The Goal/Intention Feedback - What do I need feedback for ===Example: Thread - Super Mario Bros 64 DS- Psyche out! Remix Here Original Here Description: I Liked this song and just wanted to cover it. OR I wanted to try something new with it like making it jazz. OR Competition whatever bla bla Goal: I wanted to keep the contemplated, relaxed feel, but make it more groovy. OR I wanted to remix it into a menu background theme OR whatever.. Feedback: I like to know how to balans the mixing more. Does it need more reverb or something else or so...
  14. Though I'm unfamiliar with the Street Fighter game series(other than knowing the name and gameplay a little bit) I can imagine this music being used for this character. It fits his serious, yet calm 'aura'.
  15. I hear 'Antz', the movie... oh the times... Sounds ok so far, The piano part sounds for most of the song the same, which is good if you intended that. Your drums are soft though. If you make them louder, it will give more of the punch you hear in the original. And add a crash to the drums when you make transitions between song parts(Intro-theme for example). Otherwise the build up created by the drumfill will anti-climax, which sounds lame in most cases. About making a cover or a remix. MrKyle already explained one way to make remixes. Another perc of remixing it from the start is really figuring out you own will in creativity. Because you don't do what the original does, you have to think about what it is that you want to do with it. Another way is longer, but will also give you certain insight in the vision of the composer of the original. If you continue what you're doing now(from what I hear, recreating the original), You will start to understand why certain melodies, musical phrases and instruments work together the way they do. Plus you also train your ears, which is sort of the best thing you can do in music, like always(like duh ofcourse T-Ape don't be so obvious...). After recreating the original you know entirely how the song is build up and you can go change, shift, create your own way in it, as grand or subtle as you want. For beginners in covering and remixing I suggest the second way, when you're more skilled in it or really like a challenge MrKyle's advice is a great option.
  16. Hello OCR, Here's another cover. Jazz this time. Worked on it longer than I wanted to. I have been practicing my guitar skill. It's going in the right direction, but I'm not there yet.(My drawing skills are also improving xD btw) Feedback is always welcome(so are compliments:P) Anyway, as always I won't be working on this one anymore. No idea what I'm going to do next actually...though I do have to spend time on school this week. Enjoy!
  17. Thank you so much for letting us hear this!! You made an awesome cover! Props on the use of instruments, Props on the jazz chords, Props on the solo, props on the feel, gave me a mafia-like/Lounge/Underground shop feeling.
  18. NIIIICCEE!!! 10/10 would totally use this to battle bosses!!
  19. That was surprising! Ehm...though it's pretty creative what you produced here, with certain chord-progressions you added, which gives it more interesting listening-material. The problem I have with it, is the iconicness(not a word) of the original song. I would find this weird to hear in public. No offense to your work of course. I would suggest to do the same you did here with a less Iconic song. It would give you more space in remixing it. I did enjoy the remix though! It was nice listening to it. Btw, covers are not claims, so I would think you wouldn't get in trouble with it right? We make covers over here all the time... Someone?
  20. It helps to mimic instruments, melodies, harmonies and rhythms from the original piece. It gives you more material to use, more traits of the original and is incredibly helpful for ear-training and instrument-skill.
  21. Don't really know how to describe it. There is something with the groove. The 1:35 - 2:15. Might be me, but I find it a little bit vague. I know it's 16th suffle, but it doesn't really come out like that. Same at 3:25 - 3:55. I like the sound, though the strings have a lot of reverb on them. Might make them pop out a little bit more by cutting on that, Though I know Pokemon games have that kind of sounds in their games. Last tip: Don't call it critique, but feedback. Gives it a more positive spin, even though you mean the same.(Sorry, teacher-thing ;P...) Great job man!
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