Final Fantasy 1-7 Machine Music Medley (preliminary midi of unfinished remix)

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This is something my brother and I are doing together.



I composed the entire arrangement, and he is going to do all the mastering, mixing, side-chaining, automation, etc.  This version is just the midi version, so the video only approximates what it will sound like.  The synths will be different (and more textured.)


Here is a list of all the tracks included in the medley:


FF5: Sealed Away
FF1: Floating Castle/Flying Fortress
FF4: Within the Giant
FF4: Tower of Babil
FF6: Last Dungeon
FF5: Musica Machina
FF6: Magitek Research Facility
FF7: Mako Reactor
FF5: The Prelude of Empty Skies

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Great idea! I would love to hear the finished product. As a FF5 fan, I was pleased by the inclusion of Musica Machina (and the transition to it too). Empty Skies is IMO the perfect tune to end this sort of medley on. 

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