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  1. This is just a masterpiece, through and through! If the Moody Blues had created a Mario Soundtrack, it would sound like this!
  2. RebeccaETripp

    OCR03843 - Skies of Arcadia "Rusted Hopes"

    That made my night!
  3. RebeccaETripp

    OCR03839 - Metroid Prime "This Binary Drifter"

    This is really stunning!
  4. This was a lot of fun to listen to! Almost feels like a hybrid of Minish Cap and a Sonic game. I liked the little nod to the Picori Festival music.
  5. RebeccaETripp

    OCR03741 - Final Fantasy V "Galuf's World"

    Your comments absolutely make my day.
  6. On July 6, there is going to be a 30+ minute live orchestral performance of my Chrono Trigger Epic Orchestral Medley! If you are interested in CT music, or know anyone else who is, please take a look at this page and pass it along! There's going to be a kickstarter in a day or so, and I'll keep everyone posted!
  7. This is very lovely! It was kind of like a refreshing glass of water!
  8. I was going for a kind of romantic classical yet mystical vibe.
  9. RebeccaETripp

    Arcadia Legends - History

    Hi! I'm not sure where to send this! But it's done! Tripp - Skies of Arcadia Remix - Rusted Hopes (Remote Town).mp3?dl=0 It's the Remote Town (Esparanza) theme.
  10. RebeccaETripp

    Arcadia Legends - History

    Okay, so my Remote Town cover is almost done! It's in a kind of Celtic style, which I know it already was- but I took that and ran with it, making it more elaborate and varied, since it is such a short, yet gorgeous track with only two channels.
  11. RebeccaETripp

    Arcadia Legends - History

    Here's my WIP for "Remote Town": Tripp Remote Town Midi WIP.mp3?dl=0 It's just a recording of a midi right now (it won't sound like that) but I thought I'd share the arrangement so far.
  12. RebeccaETripp

    Ink pen artwork

    This is amazing! Thanks for sharing!
  13. RebeccaETripp

    Giant orchestral Ocarina of Time Medley

    I only just saw this now! Sorry about the two year wait, haha! I never used any percussion loops. Just made everything in midi from scratch or by referencing existing OoT midi. I have another Forest Temple cover now which is much dreamier if you'd like to hear it: And a lot of other game medleys. Anyway, thanks for your comment two years ago. :3
  14. RebeccaETripp

    Arcadia Legends - History

    I'm officially claiming Remote Town!
  15. RebeccaETripp

    Donkey Kong 64

    I love this idea. I've actually done a few orchestral covers of several of the songs you listed, though not exactly in the same styles (apart from the Halloween ones!).