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[WIP] with working link: Final Fantasy 8 - An oath Fulfilled


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Hi all,


My first remix has recently been rejected by the judges panel, but luckily it maybe has a chance of passing if I resubmit after making changes.


So, the tips they gave were mostly on MIDI-massaging and using different samples. In the time between submitting the original and receiving the feedback (a year) I have learned some new tricks and have bought a few new samples so I spent a few hours replacing instruments and also re-arranging stuff. 


I'd like to know how many fake-ness is still distracting in this updated version, and of course other tips are welcome as well =) .




Edit: working link =P : https://soundcloud.com/timdeman/an-oath-fulfilled

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I have no idea why no one commented on this before. I'm not really the go-to guy for orchestral "remixes", but I have to say, this is pretty good. Especially if this is your seond remix.
I like your dynamics and writing. The horn section coming in @1:15 and the subtle pizzicato strings @1:28 add to the dynamics even more. The snare @3:45 could  use a bit of volume to bring it out more. 

In all, it's very recognisable ("The Oath" is one of the best tracks in that game, together with "the landing at Dollet" imo) but it might be a bit too close to the source. You asked about the fake-ness and "unfortunately, peanutbutter", the whole composition still needs more "humanization", if you get what I mean. You might 'up the tempo' a bit, since the original is faster too. Maybe you could vary the tempo throughout the song, to emphasise it's parts?

Again, what do I know? I'm a four-to-the-floor kind of remixer.
Hope you'll get a bit better feedback than mine anyways. Good luck!

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