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Phantasy Star IV Piano Medley


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This was originaly an arrangement dedicated to the "Hometown Heroes" Album, but since the progress was on hold for a long time it is marked as discontinued. And so i released it viral.

I would like to thank Mirby for the idea of the Album and giving his best throughout the project considering his circumstances. And i would also like to thank the other Album Artists for giving feedback! It was alot of Fun rearranging this piece.


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This was really nice. So peaceful, and relaxing. The only issue I had with it was the panning, as it sounded somewhat awkward having the notes jump back and forth from one ear to the other, especially during the beginning of the track. It sounded more synthesized than natural to me, like you programmed two different piano tracks. But, as the track progressed, the panning problems became less and less noticeable. I still liked it :D Sorry the album it was supposed to be on didn't work out.

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