Impact Soundworks Massive Holiday Sale + New Symphonic Instrument!

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Ho Ho Ho, Happy Holidays from Impact Soundworks! Welcome to our BIGGEST sale ever, with fantastic savings of up to 50% off ALL instruments and bundles too!

Featured Deals

Juggernaut: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools
$149 -> $89 (Kontakt Player Compatible!)

Shreddage 2: Absolute Electric Guitar
$139 -> $89 (Kontakt Player Compatible!)

Orchestral Scoring Bundle
$658 -> $399 - Includes Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion, Pearl & Bravura!

Complete World Bundle
$299 -> $165 - Includes Plectra Series 1-4, Koto + Sitar Nation!

Shreddage Drums
$119 -> $89 (Kontakt Player Compatible!)

Pearl Concert Grand
$119 -> $89 (Kontakt Player Compatible!)

...and MANY MORE! Shop all deals here!


Rhapsody Orchestral Colors Is Here!

Following up our critically-acclaimed Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion, we've just released Rhapsody Orchestral Colors: an all-in-one symphonic tool that makes it easier than ever to create lush, fully-voiced chords and textures with strings, brass, winds, and choir. Recorded in the same focused, neutral hall as Rhapsody Perc, the library is equally suited for rapid film/TV/game scoring, classical mockups, epic cues and everything in between.

Using the chord maker technology developed for our Bravura Scoring Brass library, Rhapsody Orchestral Colors allows you to perform ensemble chords with just a single key press - but unlike many other 'pre-baked' orchestral texture/phrase libraries, we've recorded each ensemble separately for full control. You can mix and match any of the 11 recorded ensembles in a single patch, with each one performing a different chord OR voicing, plus unique mic mixing + routing!

* 30,000+ orchestral samples across 3 mic positions
* 11 instrument ensembles recorded separately for full control
* Strings: Basses, Celli, Violins/Viola
* Brass: Tuba, Trombones, Horns, Trumpets
* Winds: Bassoons/Contra, flute/oboe/clarinet
* Choirs: Men, Women & FX
* Sustains, staccato, staccatissimo, tenuto & scripted legato
* Custom orchestrator engine for instant chord gratification
* Make your own chords + performance mapping
* Two octaves of bonus unison samples per ensemble



Rhapsody Orchestral Colors is available now for Kontakt 5.3+ (full version) for $149, but we have TWO special offers available...

1. Owners of Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion will find a coupon for $50 off in their user area!

2. Through the end of our sale, if you spend $299+ in an order, we will send you a voucher to get Orchestral Colors... for FREE. Yes, you read that right!

Spend $299+ during the sale and get Rhapsody Orchestral Colors for FREE!

Happy Holidays from Impact Soundworks! :D

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I am so glad I opted to work that 6th day last week. Now I'll just be spending overtime money and not "probably could have gone towards bills" money.

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