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*NO* Splatoon 'Booyah Squid Beat'

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Remixer name: JMAA

Real name: Juan Manuel Arroyo Alcón
Email address: 
Userid: 20952-jacktheripper
Name of game: Splatoon
Name of arrangement: Booyah Squid Beat
Name of song arranged: Booyah Base
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Haha, I love the not-so-subtle use of Lex Luger's producer tag. Not sure if you're just using it as a random transition effect or if it's an intentional callout, but either way, nice ;) Your bass sequencing sounds real nice, and the beats are similarly well-assembled.

Onto the track... it's a huge sound upgrade from a very minimalist source tune, and I really like what you did with this in a bubble. It would fit right into the game. However, as far as OC ReMix is concerned, we typically expect a higher level of interpretation and development. This track is currently very repetitive, the track sounds roughly the same no matter where I skip to, and without any sort of lead melody or main hook to grab my attention, the mix blends together like background music, which is not inherently bad, but also not what we're seeking. More of a structure or development instead of relying on a loop format is going to be necessary in order to get this up to OCR standards, I'm afraid.

Maybe consider hitting up the Recruit & Collaborate forum to find a rapper to lay some bars down over this track? Just a thought!

Nice work, but not gonna work in this current form for me.


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Wes really covered all the issues here.  The sounds are really sweet, but the track is just too repetitive both in writing and instrumentation.  Once the groove is established, it never changes.  There's no leadwork to grab on to (not that a track NEEDS a lead in order to pass, but in the case where the backing is really repetitive, unique leadwork would really help to freshen it up).  I'll add that while that Lex Luger transition sound is cool, it is overused here.  My personal feeling is that unique transition sounds should only appear ONCE in a track, twice maximum and only if they sound very different from each other (either done differently, or appearing at very different points in the track).  Any more than that and you are really overusing the sound.  A final thought, your track really has no intro or outro, the groove just starts at the beginning, and at the end it just ends.  

The track sounds like a super cool concept wip that never got fleshed out.  I'd love to hear it again, more personalized and filled out better.


NO (resubmit)

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  • Chimpazilla changed the title to 2015/07/09 - (2N) Splatoon 'Booyah Squid Beat'

I'll agree with the other judges in that this feels like a decent sketch but not a fully realized song. You did do a decent amount with a pretty minimal source, and you've got some skill, but it needs more polish. I'd take the advice of the other judges and run with it. :-)


No, please resubmit

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  • OceansAndrew changed the title to 2015/07/09 - (3N) Splatoon 'Booyah Squid Beat'
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