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Music Helper Apps

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We all have our favorite DAWs and plugins but what about the little guys? I'm talking about helper apps that serve specific functions that you use in your quest for making music.

One of my favorites is called Music Math.

"musicMath is a musical tool that includes a timecode calculator, a tap tempo, a tempo to delay in millisecond and hertz converter, a note to frequency table converter, a sample length converter, a tempo change converter, and a frequency to note converter."

Sadly for some of you, it's only for OSX and iOS but it's definitely one worthy of your money: http://laurentcolson.com/index.html

Anyone else have apps that they use for reference, etc?

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Lemur (iOS/Android). Lets you design music-focused touchscreen interfaces using both drag-and-drop and -- for more advanced users -- a fairly robust scripting language. It produces both MIDI and OSC output, and the latency even over WiFi is low enough that you can use it as a MIDI controller for recording. Pair it with Pure Data (Win/Mac/Linux), a Max-style visual programming language that accepts both MIDI and OSC input, for even more fun.

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Studio One Remote Control - Brings Studio One's mixer to your iPad. Faders, insert effect chains and parameters, sends, macros, macro control mappings, transport control. 100% improvement to how I do things.

SoundPrism Electro - Haven't gotten this set up yet, but with a fancy cable mess in place I can use this as a great and fun MIDI Controller for sketching music and playing in alternative input schemes (it's completely diatonic, you can apply accidentals to the tone scheme, and it's spaced in thirds instead of regular scale steps).

Other than that, I usually write my own Python scripts for filesystem stuff when working on sample libraries.

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