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Breath Of Fire 3 Eden Remix


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I've been a fanatic of the series of BoF for quite some time. It's incredibly difficult to find the right person with the right equipment for remixing that pleases the memory of my childhood. However, a family member of mine decided to remix this fine tune and by far deemed 'chill' purity of its funky'ness. It has its originality and very catchy. I thought I'd share this to you all to see what you all think.



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Wrong part of the forum dude; this should probably be posted in the Workshop. I'm sure a Mod will be along shortly to move the thread for you.

With regards to the track: firstly; get whichever family member who made this to sign up to the site and continue making mixes! Secondly; this is a pretty awesome remix! I'm not familiar with the source (if you could include that in your opening post that would cool!) so I don't know how much of this has been 'remixed' as such, however I am digging the track itself. Chill and funky are definitely the right words to describe it and the use of FX from the game works quite well. I like the kind of stutter effect that starts at 0:29 (there's probably a correct term for it but I don't know what it is!) 

Overall I really like this! Get your family member to sign up!!

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